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What Exactly Is Clean Eating?


Hey guys!

I read alot about clean eating to gain muscle (without gaining fat), but I really can't figure out what exactly is meant by "eat clean".

What foods are clean? Which ones aren't? How much clean food should I take in? Are there any calculators that give me an estimate?



Lean meats, fruits, veggies, whole grains, good fats, etc.

No processed foods basically.


Unfortunately this is one of those terms that doesn't have a clear definition and means different things to different people.

Most people seems to mean no junk food when they use it.


And are there any guidelines to how you should organise the daily meals?


Yeah thats what I read, too "cut out the junk", "cut out the three c's".

But my problem is, everytime I want to follow those guideslines, it seems to me that I am not only gaining muscle, but a lot of fat as well?! what am i missing here?


To grow muscle you must be in a calorie surplus so I feel that your going to gain unwanted weight regardless of how clean you eat... But your eating to support your lifting so gain some weight and then cut when you feel that your getting too big!


If you're gaining fat, you simply need to cut back slightly on your daily caloric intake.


yeah correct. But how much into the surplus?


Yeah, do you think to calculate that 15x lean body weight in pounds is a good number to start figuring out my caloric need to grow muscle?


Read this article... I would post the steps to figuring out your calorie intake but they are rather elaborate and will take up too much space. Check the article out and find your daily caloric intake and then add..

"Note that depending on your body type and metabolism, you may need to adjust these figures. Ectomorphs will need to increase caloric intake more than 20% to gain muscle maximally (around 30% is best for them) and they should decrease it less when trying to lose fat (by 10% instead of 20%). Endomorphs should only increase by 10% when trying to gain size, but lowering it by 20% is adequate for them when trying to lose fat."



Well that depends on the individual diet really and what your goals are. Check out some of the diet plans here on the site. Most people around here are keeping their carbs low, protein high and fat in the middle. Many people have diet plan threads that can give you lots of ideas.

Eat lots of fruits/veggies and make sure to get a good balance of nutrients.


thanks for that link. very good article.


good advice. thanks.




good link, are you registered there?


buy Berardi's gourmet nutrition, cheaper than PN and 99% of the info


With very VERY few exceptions if it comes in a bag, box, can, a package I can't see through and or has ingredients that sound like a chemistry experiment or artificial anything it doesn't pass my lips and is unclean.

High fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated trans fatty acids are the spawn of satan and are not even allowed on my property.