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What exactly does 'eating clean' mean?

If for example your doing a low carb meal and have a large steak (with all that saturated fat) and vegetables… would that be eating clean? etc




It depends on ones goals. But yes a steak and veggies could be considered a clean meal.

In general one would stick to leaner cuts of meat, but there is nothing wrong with a big steak occasionally. Esp. during a bulking cycle.

To eat clean one would consume mainly real food. Stearing clear of processed food. Mainly anything in a box. Go for the natural stuff. Stay away from trans. fats, vegetable oils, margarine, in general) processed sugars, junk in general.

Hope that helps.


wash your food.

wash your hands.

the steak and veggies is a good low carb meal, but you should try to eat leaner cuts of beef and limit the amount of saturated fat you ingest (i.e. cut out the grizzle).

as for clean eating in general, its fairly obvious what you should and shouldn’t eat. there are a ton of articles here (especially from John Berardi) that discusses what to eat, but also look for articles that deal with nutrient timing.

and if you’re having a lot of difficulty determining what’s good and what’s not, don’t eat anything anna nicole smith eats. not only will you get fat, but you’ll become incredibly annoying.

Check out this article:

Most of what you eat should in the categories of “Good Stuff” or “Okay Stuff.” In addition, for many of us, “eating clean” also takes into account certain food combinations and meal timing.

Yup, steak & veggies is eatin clean.

I guess “eating clean” would mean you are strictly following the guidelines of the diet you are on.

Eating clean is nothing more than sticking strictly to your diet plan. If you fall off (binge), then you’re not eating cleanly…