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What Exactly do you do to get Stronger?


I used to be (and partially still) a westside advocate. Now, I'm currently doing Bill Starr's Heavy Light Medium program with these exercises (in order according to priority):

  1. Either one of the oly lifts (Or any direct variation/s that makes you go to a full front/overhead squat position at the part where you duck under. I may even pause at the bottom... and maybe put some chains.)

  2. A type of squat (from zercher to back)

  3. A posterior chain dominant movement

  4. A heavy pressing movement

  5. Rows/chins/pull ups (or any other direct variations of the lifts)

After these 5 exercises, I'd do some isolations and/or ab and oblique exercises.

What about you?


I do what my coach writes on the board that day.

So I dunno.


I eat a shit ton of food and throw in some sleep between periods of heavy lifting at the gym.

It's the only method I've found that actually works.


Is he Bulgarian? Russian?


Comanche Indian.


OK, I'm reluctant to post, because I'm so new to this, but I'm just answering in regard to my own strength gain effort.

For progression I have been told that your body adapts to reps faster than it adapts to movements.

So I use the same weight until I can do 8 for at least 2-3 sets. When I reach that point I increase to a weight I can do no more than 3ish reps total, then repeat the process. That was making my own schedule.

However, recently I switched from an EOD split (heavy lifts 6 days a week) to the War Room program and I really have benefited from the time off. So I guess I could most recently say that more time off has made me stronger.

I have questions about progression which I feel is going slower than should though.


Dont try to force progression in the "small lifts"

expend most of your energy on your big lifts.

Rows, Bench, Overhead press, deadlift, squat, and mabey Close grip bench.

Add weight to these lifts and everything else increases rapidly on its own.

If your trying to add weight to everything every workout you kinda "waste" energy on smaller lifts, when you should be concentrating on the big lifts.


My program is 3 heavy/moderate full body days Monday-Wednesday-Friday and 3 light full body days (greasing the groove/active recovery) Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

I have very few exercises in my program... here they are:

OL Squats
Front squats
Bench press
Squat cleans (from the floor)
Squat Snatch (from the floor)
Clean pulls
Push Press
Standing press
Bent barbell rows
Glute-Ham Raise
Various abdominal exercises

I do five exercises on each of the three heavy/moderate days:

squat variant
press variant
pull from the ground variant
Upper body pull variant
Core exercise

I change the intensity, volume and rep/set scheme throughout the week and every few weeks.

On "greasing the groove" days (Tu-Thur-Sat), I perform the following exercises:

Snatch 5x1
Clean & Jerk 5x1
OL Squat 2x5
Bench Press 2x5
Deadlift 1x5
Chins 2x5

The OL lifts are technique only and the loading is minimal. The Squat, Bench, DL and chins are all done between 60-80% of my 1 RM.

On Tue & Sat, I also add a KB circuit and on Saturdays I add neck, grip, calf and rotator work and sometimes go for a run or do some intervals.

Every day of the week 2x per day (upon waking up in the morning and in the evening) I go hiking with my dogs for about an hour (2 hours total per day).

I also throw in some BJJ/Sub-grappling a few days per week.


Usually, heavy OL program that goes:

Classic lift
pulling accessory
Jerk/snatch accessory

Right now I do a light OL program as Rx'd by my coach, similar to above but no real weight. In addition I am on my 2nd cycle of GVT 10x10 [after my rehab and conditioning] going for 4 days with the lifts:

DB overhead press
Bulgarian split squats
Snatch grip DL

the lower days are pure terrorism. the split squats are like doing 2 lifts at 10x10. The worst was last week when i selected a slightly too light weight and ended up actually pushing out 10 full sets of 10. Getting appropriately stalled out on heavier weights this week was relieving.



Haha I wish it was Ivan Abadzhiev, but no, he's neither Bulgarian or Russian. I will inquire him about what school of Lifting he studied under.

The general template is still

Snatch Assistance
CJ Assistance

6 Days a week with variations in the load and rep scheme varying with respect to our competition dates.


low bar back squat
reverse hyper
depth jumps

in reverse order.


I do exercises (2 wu sets) 3x5 (1 down set) 5 exercises a session, 5-6 sessions a week and push the weight up for 3 weeks and then take a deload of 85% load.

Repeat till stacked.


We have the same goals (although I'm assuming that I'm a heck of alot weaker). We should be best friends in this forum. lol.

Are you a veteran?

BTW, your lmgtfy.com post at my other thread is ingeniusly hilarious.


Awesome stuff!