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What Ever Happened to...?

wasnt sure where to post this but what happened to Jerry Telle , Ian King , Don Alessi and dare i ask Coach Davies? anyone know? would love an interview with any of them. esp Jerry Telle- his stuff was great when it first came out- i dont think his book was ever published?

Jerry Telle still posts regularly on the Supertraining forum.


Coach Davies, from what I HEARD - I do NOT KNOW - will not write for T-Nation anymore.

Ian King is involved in other stuff right now. I did like SOME of his articles, especially his injury prevention ones (ie: “Pelvis Has Left the Building” and "The Sacked Back). Those were awesome!

I personally do not know why anyone in the bodybuilding section would want to see anymore of these writers’ articles, considering that they all have almost nothing to do with bodybuilding. No successful bodybuilders train as they espouse. Coach Davies did not write ONE article for practical bodybuilding. Don Alessi and Jerry Telle wrote yet again, bizarre, Poliquinesque programs.

Ian King still writes.
He has had a couple new books and DVD’s out in the last 2 yrs.

He is a busy man! Owns several business’s. Commutes around the workd to teach and sometimes still trains athletes.

He has several seminars over the year in the us.

go to www.kingsports.net

[quote]Youch wrote:
Jerry Telle still posts regularly on the Supertraining forum.


thanks for that- do you have a link or adddress?

Whatever happened to Cy Willson?

and while im asking what the hell ever happened to ANACONDA???