What ester is Brovel T200?

What ester is Brovel T200 so I can determine dosing for
2 on/4off cycles?

I am pretty sure it is eneathate ( I can’t spell, sorry)

testosterone enanthate ( or enantado on the bottle) however, according to many, it is often unclean or underdosed. ex. 200mg is really 130mg.(according to t-mag)

Brovel T200 is test enanthate.


It is enanthate and should not be used for 2 on/4 off.

am i mistaken or did Bill not say that enanthate, cyp, and sust esters could all be used on a 2 on 4 off. max does being 750mg, as a gram he suspected might be too much…

The long acting esters do not lend themselves to
“ideal 2/4” cycles. Because you can’t inject them twice
and have to just deal with a single, mammoth injection in
Day One. The pharmacokinetics of it are MUCH different
than using suspension or propionate. And I suspect it
is a little less effective. It can be done this way…it’s
just ass backwards in my opinion.

For 2/4’s, stick with orals (A-50, Dbol, etc.) or
fast acting injectables like suspension/prop, Winny-V,