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What Equipment to Buy For Home?


Hello again,

  I am currently borrowing a bench from someone. I decided to wait before purchasing anything on my own because I wanted to make sure I would actually stick with this. Well, it's almost nine months since I started and I have kept it up.

However, the bench I have borrowed is starting to show its.... weaknesses. It is a standard bench, but the person bought an Olympic weight set for it. I am squatting about 350 Max now, so I am afraid the thing is going to fall apart on me someday. Also, it is rather awkward to squat from the bench.

Anyway, I am looking for something good for my home, but not too big because I don't have a ton of room. Thanks!



Sweet Jesus...this question has been answered a hundred times already on similar threads.

You could wait for responses, but it might be better to use the search engine on the site...you'll get more (and quicker) info.

Elite Fitness has a series of articles and recommendations on this topic too...you might check out their site...plus their equipment is top-notch so you should consider ordering trough them. Better to pay a little more for a bench that will last a lifet time (and won't kill you).




Sorry for asking something I should have searched for. Thanks for the information though!



If you lift without a partner a squat cage with safety stops is a good investment. I use mine for benching, squatting, pull ups, nearly everything. Cost about $400 in 97' and well worth every penny of that.

Would really like a dip tower, but will have to keep using one at the gym for now.


I have never had the search engine work for me yet, either in Explorer or Firefox.


Most people around here will tell you to get a power rack and adjustable bench. Elite Fitness Systems (www.elitefts.com) stuff is supposed to be very high quality, and many people on these boards recommend that brand. I couldn't afford Elite, so I went with New York Barbell (www.newyorkbarbells.com), and I've been quite happy with my power rack. You can get accessories and attachments for the NY Barbell rack, including dip bars and cable attachments. There are other good brands out there if you do some searching.

It's also not a bad idea to have a lifting platform where you can do deadlift variations, O-lift variations, and other standing barbell work. Get a 4x8 piece of 3/4" plywood. put it on the floor. Get a 3/4" thick heavy duty rubber mat, in two pieces, each 2 feet wide and three or four feet long. (Again, I got my mat from NY Barbells; they sell a 4x6 mat that they will cut for you if you request it.) Put these on either side of the plywood. Now you have a solid wooden platform to stand on, and the barbell rests on the rubber mats, so you can drop the weight if you need to and it won't bang up the floor or your barbell. If you have space, you can put your lifting platform right in front of your power rack.

Happy lifting!



Thanks for all that. I love to do deadlifts, and it's such a pain when all you have is a floor. :slight_smile:



Word. I used to pull 405# deadlifts for reps at the last condo where I lived. It sounded like the entire place was going to come apart. Shit is shaking and the walls are falling down, pictures falling off the wall, and my neighbors yelling at me to turn the Wu-Tang down. If I were to do it again, I'd be building a platform. Now I lift at a gym and I only have to deal with the dirty looks from the cardio bunnies.

Dan "Deadlifts" McVicker