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What Equipment Do I Take?

Okay, I am moving out into the middle of nowhere for a few months to build a log mansion I hope to sell for lots of money. I don’t have much room in my truck, what do I take? I have a list for 300 lbs of weight, an olympic bar, a pull up bar, and something for dips. I hate that I won’t be able to do squats.

What else would I do for my lower body? What other variations of squating work well without a rack. I can do floor presses and dips to help with my upper body and chest. What kinds of power rack (or anything that has spotter bars) could I buy? My budget for a rack is $500.

If you can build a log cabin, it shouldn’t be too difficult to build a squat rack. I used to use a very simple wooden one in my old garage.


Well lunges are an obvious one, as well as any of the olympic movements, they hammer legs if you aren’t used to them. If you can clean the weight up you can then do front squats for higher reps.

Since you are building you probably have saw horses, adjustable if you are living in the twenty first century. Put them up to their highest level and set the bar on them, then you can do Anderson squats (starting from the negative).

EDIT: Lumberjack squats. Fitting since you are building a cabin.

clean the bar and front squat it. no need for a rack

Lift logs, large stones, bags of mortar, push a wheel barrow filled with sand or rocks.


Thanks guys, all of these are good ideas. I do front squat, and I’ve tried olympic lifts before. I like the idea of using the saw horses and pushing a wheelbarrow or sled pulling because all the weight equipment will be in the carpenters shop/temporary home I set up.

I have lots of room, the shop is about the size of a 3 car garage made of cargo containers and scrap wood. All of the cutting is done outdoors, so it stays clean. Im going to google for a wood power rack. I have a few 6X6 I can use and I know they can hold the weight required.

the lumber jack squats look like a good excercise too. And I just read about sissy squats. aha. So far this is my list of things I could do .

sissy squat
roman chair squat
anderson squat
front squat
lumberjack squat
box squat
wheel barrow push
sled pull
tire flip (if i can find one)

I Don’t believe I will have any trouble with excercises for my back with a pullup bar and olympic bar. What do you guys think of dips? Dips with elbows flared out would be best for chest right? Do you think dips are just as good as benching? Floor presses can also be done. and Pushups with chains might be possible.

I’m reminded of Rocky IV for some reason :smiley: