What Else to Take with Test Cyp?

Hi. New to the site. So my question. I am going to do a 10 week cycle (my first) of cypionate at 1 CC a week for 10 weeks. What else should i be taking during and after my cycle? Your article was super informative but want to make sure im doing it correctly. Thanks!

Bro, don’t take this the wrong way… but you aren’t even close to running a cycle if you do not know what to take with it or after it… Do some research.

Ive been doing research and I know what i need for the most part. Im trying to get info on ammounts times etc… Most of the stuff ive been reading is for long cycles with high doses. I want to make sure im not taking things i dont need to for a 10 week program. Plus technically making posts on a forum to get info is research. Just saying.

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I’d tend to agree. A cc isn’t a measure of dose, it’s a measure of volume. Test cyp should be spoken of in mg’s. Do you an an AI, hCG or nolva/clomid? Do you know what these are?

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Yes. I meant to put 1ML a week. I did some research on clomid and arimidex. I just wasnt too sure with my cycle if i should be taking it the whole time or post cycle. Ive read some articles contradicting themselves. Also on the HCG i read with short cycles (6-8 weeks) its not necessary but im doing a 10 week cycle so a bit unsure on that. According to my reading it seems like im taking a fairly small dosage which is what i want for now. Thanks for the response.

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Again, you spoke in volume as an ml, not mg. . How old are you? You’ll likely need adex to keep your estrogen from climbing and you’ll need hcg to keep your testes functioning and also nolva/clomid for your pct. I wouldn’t do a cycle yet if I were you. You don’t understand what you’re doing with enough clarity. You understand you could have low T for the rest of your life if not done correctly?

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Im 32 just getting out of the military. I dont plan on doing it yet. I was offered the oppertunity by a friend. I am smart enough to realize not to do it yet. That is why im trying to get all the info. As im still learning the subject the bottle is 10ML and its supposed to be a 1ML shot a week for 10 weeks. This is only what i was told and obviously could be wrong. I just want to get the correct info and im sorta limited to where i can get my information right now. I cannot just go to a doctor here and get the info i want. Here is a picture of me now. I regularly go to the gym. 32 5’ 8" 185ish

You need to know what mg per ml your gear is and plan it from there.

First time cycles are usually around the 500mg of test per week mark. For now I assume that it is 250mg per ml so you would need to do 2ml per weekz

You have done 0 research.

You should continue reading through these forums until you are familiar with using an AI and HCG on cycle with a SERM for PCT.

When you think you have a plan together then post it and we will help you.

Sure, we could tell you right now what dosages of HCG etc to use but you should be familiar with these things first!

Thanks for the info. I will find out the mg. i have been doing research which is the point of this post. To gather info. Ive been reading a lot of these forums. I just want to make sure i am doing the right thing for what im taking and the ammount/duration as well. But i will gather more info and post it. I have decided to wait until i have all the info i need. Thank you again.

Good. When you have scouted out similar questiond to yours and see the replies and first time steroid plans it becomes quite straight forward.

AndyJones1992 the box says 250mg and the bottle is 10ml. Im assuming that means it would be a 250mg dose a week for a 10 week cycle?? Ill attach a picture. The other ones that ive been seeing usually say 200ml/mg or 100ml/mg

So you could do 1ml a week
@ 250mg per week, but that is a pretty low dose cycle.

If I were you I would get some more of the same Mg per Ml gear and up it to 500mg per week.

If you struggle getting gear then you need to find a source who supplies everything including all the amcillaries you need to complete a solid cycle.

Ok. Thank you for the advice. If i were to start with a 250ml a week 10 week cycle what would you recommend in addition. It seems like the clomid is mandatory but what about the HCG. Some articles i read was that the HCG and arimidex was not needed for that dosage and cycle time. Only curious but will also research the higher dose. Once again thank you for the help.

At 250mg you will need HCG to avoid full shut down of natural test production but some people might not need the Adex as their body might be able to handle that kind of dose without any gyno problems… I would still do Adex at 0.25-0.5 eod though.

You would also need to use a SERM (Nolva/Chlomid) for a PCT come end of cycle.

You can do 250mg per week, I am currently cruising on that amount and feel great with some of the best training sessions I have had to date… But for a cycle it just isnt really “worth” it, if you can up it slightly then you will reap more reward.

Got it. Do you think 500 would be ok for my first time?

As far as the HCG i am reading a buttload of different ways/cycles to take it. In your opinion how much and when should i be taking it?

you told him to do more research, yet you planned his whole cycle out for him… get a life

Dont you think that talking on a forum and extracting information is research?

Please don’t take it personally. You have to understand that several people per day post new threads asking the exact same questions you are and some members get a little short as a result. Personally I think that if the stickies were actually stickies and stayed on top and were more prominent that would mitigate some of the repeat questions, but no such luck.

It always seems to go one of two ways…

New Guy 1 has done all of his research ahead of time, and knows the general consensus here for a first cycle is to take 500mg of test-e per week for 10 weeks, with an appropriate AI dose, perhaps 0.5mg EOD of adex, and hCG while on cycle during weeks 3-10, then typically a 14 day break to let gear clear (depending on ester, of course) before starting PCT of 4-5 weeks of clomid or nolva. NG1 lays all this out as his plan, and it essentially looks exactly like the basic, vanilla, beginner cycle, and he posts it up for review, then…crickets…or attitudes like “Standard shit Sherlock, Why is this even a thread?” This is what happened to me. The only reason I got a single reply was because I also mentioned the possibility of adding Var in, because I’m a rebel (sarcasm). Oh, and even mentioning the addition of a mild ancillary like Var if it’s your first cycle, is also cause for being sent to a flamey grave.

The rest of the time we deal with New Guy 2 - NG2 claims to have done a bunch of research but is asking noob questions about doses, like how many ML/CC to take instead of MG, doesn’t mention an AI or PCT, nevermind that he may have taken those as a given and is asking purely about AAS dose/compound/ester, the mere fact that he didn’t mention them in his very first post infuriates most of the veteran members here. The problem is this is a longstanding pattern, and it’s clearly not the noobs’ fault if you ask me. What I think the new guys need most often is an education in research. NG2 simply don’t know what he don’t know, and thinking he’s done exhaustive research when he’s not aware of basic doses, AI and PCT protocols is a red flag that he is looking to be spoon-fed. Nobody wants to spoon-feed. But just this once… https://forums.t-nation.com/t/steroid-newbie-cycle-planning/97187


Haha. Very true. Im obviously NG2. What you are saying is totally understandable. Im not trying to cause waves or spark roid rage (bad joke). But thank you for the link. Ive really been searching a lot of threads. Im new and i want to get it right.