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What Else Should I Look at for Cause of My Lowish T?

Posted here a while ago with some of my blood tests. I went back for an 8am round (not noon or later) and the results were not as good as I would’ve liked. See this album, which includes past results too:

Some notes:
-On 12/28 I was trying aromasin. Only took a single dose.
-On 2/9 I got tested around 4:30pm
-All other dates except for 3/12, I was tested around noon. 3/12 was at 8:15am
-I rarely drink, and didn’t drink for 2 weeks prior to the 3/12 test
-I quit phenibut about a month ago
-Stress levels, depression, sexual effects, lowered confidence, etc have been getting worse since Dec/Jan
-I have a pituitary adenoma, but I have macroprolactin - my actual prolactin is in the vicinity of 9 (not 30)
-I don’t normally use salt - but wouldn’t an iodine deficiency show in my thyroid tests?

I just started clomid and felt great the first week. But now starting to have more irritability and mood swings. I’m lowering the dose from 25mg EOD to 12.5mg EOD to see if it helps. The first few days were absolutely amazing. I was able to get out of bed and really tackle the day.

I’m waiting for Defy to call me back, and I’ve accepted that my adenoma may be causing this, and that I may need TRT. But I want to rule out any other causes before I commit to something like TRT. I’m 33. Friends claim I haven’t been the same in years (probably since the adenoma), but the past 3-4 months have been downright terrible for me. I’m at the point I’ll do anything to get my life back, as this has been destroying it. Since being on clomid, everyone has been excited that I’m getting back to “normal”.

Insight? Thanks.

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