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What Else Should I Eat?

ok, so i started eating regularly, lots of protein and milk.

what else should i eat -

pre workout?
post workout?

thru the day?

what are your advice and favourites etc?


Holy hell. Try the search function. That’s probably the most discussed topic in this section.

A few of my favorites for meals:

Deli Meat
Cottage Cheese
Eggs (just whites)
Metabolic Drive
Mixed Nuts (unsalted preferable)
Raw Almonds
Peanut Butter
Tuna and other Fish
Olive Oil

Pre Workout:
Amino Acids
Metabolic Drive
Sometimes Coffee

Immediately Post Workout:
Amino Acids

45 Minutes Later:
Solid Meal with some of the above foods.

Hope that helps.

Small women and children

Nathan, what are your goals?

Start by reading some of the articles here on the site written by John Berardi and Lonnie Lowery. A few of the highlights are:

  • Eat every 3 hours
  • Eat protein every meal (to build muscle)
  • Eat tons of fibrous green veggies
  • Eat a serving of beans every day
  • Eat 3 servings of fruit every day

PWO? That’s the one meal you’re going to want to get in a PWO drink like Surge and a protein containing meal with starchy carbs. Oatmeal and protein powder and blueberries are a long-time favorite of mine. But healthy starchy carbs could also be in the form of brown rice, sweet potatoes, yams, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, amaranth.

Whether you are bulking or cutting, weigh yourself every week, same day, same time, out of bed, ideally. Record the numbers. If you are making slow but steady progress towards your goals, keep doing what you’re doing. If not, take it up a notch.

It’s only in very extreme circumstances that we recommend eating women and children, as was suggested by lazyaxus11. (wink) & (grin)