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What else for the finasol

I’m about to start a finasol cycle. Well I don’t have the isopropylalcohol, I just can’t get it, and I can’t get any androsol/nandrosol. My question is what kind of chemicals could U use instead of isopropylalcohol and nandrosol/androsol, that have the same ability to get absorbed by the skin. I’m no chemist, maybe U are, so tell me please what else than these mentioned could I use?

Isopropyl alcohol (70% rubbing alcohol) is sold in every drug store, WalMart, K-Mart, and grocery store in the country. The only other solvent (besides DMSO) that I’ve heard used is acetone (fingernail polish remover). Acetone is usually dyed, scented, and low purity though.

As I understand it, u must use at least 90% or more isopropyl alcohol. But whatever the case, its very easy to attain. Why cant u get a hold of it? Go to the chemistrystore site and order some.

The purpose of the solvent is not to
penetrate the skin, but simply to deliver
to the skin, then evaporate at an appropriate
rate so that the dissolved prohormone has
time to transfer from being dissolved into
the alcohol to being dissolved in the skin lipids; and then to allow even deposition
of an amorphous bonded film on the skin
for that portion which doesn’t at that time
dissolve in the skin lipids. This film will
slowly diffuse into the skin over the next
12 hours (mostly) and then still some more
after that for at least another 4 hours.
Of course, that’s provided that no hack chemist
has added a purported penetration enhancer
(which doesn’t enhance penetration in this
application anyhow) which interferes with
the bonding of the film, in which case much
of the prohormone will come off the skin
rather than diffuse in.

Isopropyl alcohol, 99 or 100%, or n-propyl alcohol, same purity are the best choices.
Ethanol (99or 100%) is a reasonable second
choice. Pure acetone is a usable choice but
distinctly inferior to the first three.

mrfox, where are you writing from? if you are in the states, i have heard that a product called heet (a gas line antifreeze that comes in a yellow bottle) is 99% isopropanol, so you might be able to use that… not sure of the other 1%…if i am wrong anybody feel free to tell me. it seems like i have heard this somewhere, though i have not tried this myself.

I’m from Scandinavia. So what I need is something that is avalible here.

What I can get my hands on: Aceton and etylalcohol(95% etanol) and something that contains both ethanol and isopropylalcohol and some butanol. U have it for your car"windows" or whatever it’s called, washer fluid U know.

I highly recommend that you not use chemicals made for your auto. Mfg’s are not required to list components for products not intended for human use. I have worked in the chem mfg business and there is no telling what might be in window wash fluid, etc.