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What else does the opposite sex do that turns you off (or pisses you off)

To expand on the earlier smoking thread by GymRat, what else (Ladies included) pisses you off about the opposite sex? what costs them valuable style points?
I’ll start:

  1. Letting me see her pee or wipe. Total turn off, shows no class. (of course this all changes after you live together or get married) (Sigh)


I dig farters.

Yeah, gotta agree with you, Jack. What’s up with that? I’m in my second marriage, and they BOTH do that! Is that some sort of “sharing of intimacy?” Close the door!

Girls poop? I did not know that.

Dingleberry pickers.

Nose picking. But I agree, I don’t want to see my girl taking a pee. Well, sometimes, it’s cool when you’re down for watersports but on the whole, I’d rather her close the door.

I really don’t like to see my significant other screw other dudes. That usually pisses me off.

It really pisses me off when they take a dump in the washing machine. Strike one right there.

Waiting for her husband to finish so I can get my turn.

Talking with mouth full. Yuck, turns my stomach.

i hate it when your real nice to a girl and she still wont give you any.

telling me what to do - as if the posession of a penis makes him the ruler of the universe

Excessive cursing. An occasional “Fuck” or “Damn” are OK but to have to hear it every other word turns me off.

Any girl that dated Derek H. Man, you’d have to PAY me to go in after that guy =)

Men who obsess about their balding pates instead of doing something about their ever- expanding waistlines.

Hey Roman, do you take credit cards, checks, or cash only? :wink:

Girls who expect me to go down on them! Errh! I’ve been with you all day…I don’t recall you having a shower (hint, hint). Also, mow the lawn. It looks like a jungle down there.

Have to agree with that. Pussy is like raw meat. If you leave it out for a few hours, it will go bad. So you have to keep it “refrigerated” (i.e. Clean) every 4-6 hours with a nice shower.

Also, if the “woman” ends up having a weenie. Talk about an awkard situation there.