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What Else Do You Do?

After all the weight lifting and possible cardio, what do you do?

Usually I workout around 11:00-12:00 on Jim Wendlers 5/3/1, so that is usually an hour, possibly do some Cardio (20 or so minutes) and then that’s pretty much it. I either come to T-Nation and read about programs/supplements or just random shit people talk about…

So I guess my question is once you get your workout done, what else do you do? Do you usually just vegg out or do you try to stay active.

My goals are to gain muscle, with little fat and to get stronger. I just feel like I’m being counterproductive in my goals just kinda sitting around and doing all this reading

I appreciate it

post on T-Nation and go to work.

I go home, I eat my carbs, sit around watching either No Reservations or Molto Mario reruns, eat beef or chicken meal and hour later, then I go to sleep. So no I don’t stay active and my goal is to pack on at least 20 more pounds at my current BF percentage.

I work…
~90+ hrs a week. Every week…

get a blowjob and play xbox 360.

regretfully, not at the same time.

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
get a blowjob and play xbox 360.

Same here, but I have a sandwich too.

Study for the bar exam.

My life will continue to suck for the next 1.5 weeks.

Draw pictures

Walk my dogs

Love up the wife

Encourage my son


[quote]MeinHerzBrennt wrote:
Study for the bar exam.

My life will continue to suck for the next 1.5 weeks.[/quote]

good luck with that. I’m considering law as an option for after my undergrad in psych is complete. Hell awaits us both, only your flames are in sight lol. Best of luck. fuck it you dont need luck you worked for the right to be a success, you will pass, no fucking doubt

“Work” - I lifeguard so I’m always just roaming around deck, I wouldn’t count it for cardio points but I’m still moving.
When not working or lifting I’m probably bobbing around in the pool, inhaling food, killing the innocent on GTA IV or sleeping. Come fall I’ll have my ass planted in a desk from 9 to 3 two days a week. I lead quite the life, I know, try not to be too jealous.

At the moment however, I’m dealing with an abdominal strain so I ain’t doin’ sheeeeeiiiiiit.

School, work, or video games.

work, read and write in japanese, read papers, martial arts

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
give a blowjob and play xbox 360.

regretfully, not at the same time.[/quote]

fixed. do you count it in your logbook as neck work?

Well to answer YOUR question, I do all my “vegging” during the morning and the day. (T-Nation, and internet, video games, tv, whatever) I workout usually between 7-9 PM somewhere in there. PWO shake/snack, eat dinner, and more food, ice, shower, eat, watch tv, sex, sleep.

But im going to read between the lines on this one. I could be wrong, but I think you might be the typical guy that wants to gain muscle while staying lean. So you think maybe more activity during the day will allow you add “clean muscle”.

Most people here will tell you that if you are thinking like this, you will fail. You may need to accept some fat gain, pack on the lbs lift hard, recover hard, eat big, and then cut down the fat later on.

Some will disagree, and in some cases they are correct. Some people will be able to eat an excess of 300 calories and add “pure” muscle and stay lean in the process, but for a lot of us, this isn’t likely.

So decide what you want and figure out the fastes way there.