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What Else Do I Need to Test for First Pre-TRT Test?

I found a “TRT test” through walkinlab(dot)com, which allows me to get tested at LabCorp without the need for a doc prescription. It includes a Complete Blood Count, PSA serum total, and Testosterone Free Direct with Total Testosterone.

After lurking here for a bit though, I’m aware that I might want to test other things, such as E2 levels, SHBG, FSH, LH, maybe some thyroid stuff, etc…

For a bit of background, I’m 38 and have been feeling terrible for the last 2 years after a devastating divorce. At 35 I tested at 800 ng/dl Total T and average BioAvailable T (Free T was not tested, it was in Europe). I had great sex drive (could stay hard during sex for over 2 hours, super strong morning wood, etc…) and felt pretty good physically at that time.

I think depression has fucked my levels up. I thought I could get out of it naturally and have been eating great, no drugs, no drinking, no coffee, doing meditation/yoga and working out 5 days/week cardio + weight lifting, but I still feel terrible and unmotivated. The only way I manage to keep doing all those things is purely out of discipline and willpower, but nothing is enjoyable and doing anything feels like moving a mountain. I can’t muster genuine interest in anything, and life just feels like different shades of grey. I’ve also lost morning wood and sexual interest despite never watching porn or jerking off, and doing kegel exercises daily. Basically at this point I’m just dragging myself through life every second of every day, and on certain days I spend a decent amount of time questioning whether I should even stay alive.
I don’t want to touch anti-depressants, but I’m thinking TRT might help me regain some taste for life.

free T4
free T3
total testosterone
free testosterone

You’re depressed. You probably need more time and a friend or hobby. Not belittling your situation, just being straight with you. Start a friendship with someone, preferably female. Don’t make it about sex, start a friendship and it will help you recover a little. The sex willl come around eventually.

TRT in Europe is still in the stone age, Total T in the absence of Free T doesn’t tell me much at all. Total T and SHBG can hint at your Free T level which can be calculated. You need to locate a private clinic, they are out there and you just have to find them.

Do not forget about thyroid testing and not just TSH, repeated stress can increase Reverse T3 which can then block Free T3. Free T3 is the master thyroid hormone, Free T3 (not TSH or Free T4) increases metabolism.

Men can have low T and not have hypogonadism, in these cases elevated SHBG (made in the liver) is the cause of low Free T.

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Is Free T3 the same as T3 Uptake? So far I have:

  • Hepatic Function Panel (Protein total, Albumin, Bilirubin Total/Direct, Alkaline Phosphatase, AST, ALT)
  • Complete Blood Count (Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, etc…)
  • PSA Total
  • Total T
  • Free T
  • FSH/LH
  • SHBG
  • E2 Sensitive
  • Thyroid Panel (T4, Free T4, TSH, T3 uptake)

And I’m already over $350. Is that normal?


You might be right…I’m a little tired of women right now to be honest, but maybe playing some kind of team sport would be good, since everything I do is pretty much solo. There’s a basketball court close to my place, that could be nice.

EDIT: I’m not sure why my post isn’t showing directly below yours. I hit reply but it still put my post all the way down.

Nope, that’s taking responsibility for your health.

If Free T3 were midrange and T3 uptake and TBG were both low, you would not be able to use a lot of your Free T3 thyroid hormone.

Man I also live in Europe. YOu need to pay sorry. In my country it is cheaper because the standard of living is cheaper.

Post all the results from the highpull post and we can give you more advice. So far the info about you is very incomplete.

This forum the replies all go to the bottom and doesn’t place it right under the comment being replied to.

Thanks for all the answers, I have a better sense for what I need to get done. I’m definitely willing to spend the money, I was just surprised it came out to that kind of price but it is what it is.

I’ll get the tests done and post results!