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What Drug/Dosage for Tendon Injury?

Ive read around the internett quite a bit, but i didnt get completely satisfied…

i got a injury in my triceps, it wont heal, for 10 month now… i can train with like 60& without it getting worse, but it aint getting better either… so now im thinking of speeding up the prosses with steroids, and still train normal… But what should i use?

I dont want gyno, i want to get my normal testo back up as fast as possible, i want my libido to work while on the drugs, and after. And i wnat my injury to heal…

this is main priority, on how much i gain in musclemass isnt that important… (its important that i keep what i gain though)

this is what i came up with by reading: im 86kg, and 176cm tall… 21 yrs old, 6 yrs of training.

1-8 weeks Deca-durabolin: 300mg per week
1-9 week Proviron: 50mg per day (to prevent gyno and keep my libido working)

Week: 11 Tamofixen 40mg
12 40mg
13 20mg
14 20mg.

What do you guys think? is this good for my purpose? will it work?

I say swap out the deca for EQ (boldenone) and up the dosage too at least 350-400mgs a week.
Supposedly EQ is better at promoting collagen production, and I believe it is in the same class as testosterone. Perhaps through in HGH for its collagen promoting abilities, as well as it’s tendon strengthening properties.