What Drives Your Overhead Press?

I am 7 weeks out and am struggling on the circus DB press. No matter what I do I cannot seem to break past the 100 lb barrier. I feel like some of it is mental, but what are some of the lifts that help you drive your overhead presses the most?

How is your form on the Circus DB? Any vids? I only ask because mine jumped about 25 lbs just by correcting the form and leaning a bit so that my pressing shoulder was directly above that hip (if that makes sense)…

Triple extension drives all overhead if your standing, you work from the ground up. work on explosiveness. Extend from ankle, knee and hip, then finish with your shoulder. Alot of strongmen lean back and recruit chest but honestly I think its unhealthy. Other than that working trunk is fool proof. If your trunk isn’t strong enough, it can’t transfer the energy from your legs to your upper body. If your seated dumbell is more than 100 which I assume it is. work on your explosive movements. I would say your Clean pull is a good starting point.

the circus db is mostly about form. you have to get a comfortable rack.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POPMQrxNb6E its all about getting good leg drive and being explosive. I used to suck but in 4 week training cycle went from 130x2 reps to 130x8 by getting comfortable with the bell and figuring out the technique

HAHA I really enjoyed that video!! Nice strength!!!

[quote]Ethan7X wrote:
HAHA I really enjoyed that video!! Nice strength!!![/quote]

Thanks i hit 150x4 for 2 sets last week so subscribe to my channel if you want to see more!

www.youtube.com/ ko421