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What Drew You to Resistance Training?

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, what drew you to resistance training?

How did your goals come to be?

I first got drawn to resistance training when I saw a video of a bunch of strong dudes warming up for there workout, i thought “how stupid, everyone knows the key to getting big is duffel bag curls and not warming up.”

Anyway, i decided to join up at the local gym. I never warmed up like i saw the idiot strong dudes doing, and to great surprise because i was doing something so utterly retarded, i started gaining 100’s of pounds to my deadlift, squat and bench. After only 5 sessions of Ramping to 110% on the three lifts, i could Squat and deadlift 2000 pounds and bench 1500.

On my 6th workout, because i didn’t warmup my bones crumpled to dust and i died whilst doing 500lb duffel curls. The legend of the dumb guy who promoted not warming up and who argued against all the strong, more experienced and smart dudes will live on throughout T-Nation forever.


Girls seemed to like guys in better shape.


I didn’t want to be a bean pole any more (I used to be about 180lbs at 6ft 6) + I always thought heavyweight boxers and wrestlers looked cool & really strong & I wanted to emulate that.

Aw, you mad I skip things and am doing just fine?

Dude, you train only with machines.

Not true

I wanted to look like Jean Claude Van Damme.

He still looks awesome

Fair enough.


I had been jogging every morning for many years. I enjoy being outside, and it helped me be “not fat” but I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t look more athletic. All the running wasn’t taking me where I wanted to go.

I wanted to look more like the women in the Athleta catalog, see pic below. I wanted to look more like that. Also, it was rapidly becoming apparent that I needed to be stronger to handle daily stuff at home.

I showed these pictures to a female friend of mine who told me, “Those women lift weights.” She helped me get started lifting, just body weight and DBs at her home or at the park at first, and she helped me learn how to eat.

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I ran cross country in 7th grade. One morning practice, it was raining and a coach (who also hosted lifting/conditioning T/TH) decided to have the ~6 people that showed up to lift instead. It was fun- and I started showing up to the normal lifting sessions on T/TH.
That summer, I bought 245 lbs of plates, an olympic bar, and an old bench for $60.

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