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What Dose of T3 for Cutting Cycle?


Hello, currently 216lbs 6'1, around 18-20% bf.
Just ended my bulk today.
I will start my cut tomorrow.

My drug cycle for my cut:
Test prop 70mg eod (250mg/week)
Tren ace 200mg eod (700mg/week)
Anavar 100mg ed

Adex 0.25mg eod
Prami 0.5mg ed

I just did my first injection of prop and ace.

I will run T3-cytomel and Clen tomorrow. For Clen i will do 2weeks on 2weeks off (dose depends on how i react, usually 100mcg is my max dose).
I was wondering what would be a good T3 dose. I was thinking 100mcg (50 morning and night). I have ran t3 before for several months, but I don't want to go on muscle suicide.

I will be following a Ketogenic diet. I will start with ~2510calories per day (5meals a day, all healthy fats).
~260g protein ~140g fats ~50g carbs.

I will be doing cardio after every workout on an empty stomach. I will start with 20minutes on the treadmill at 3mph 10% incline.

What dose would you guys suggest for t3? I will be trying to lose fat as fast as possible.

My supplements will be:
(Maybe CLA and ECGC)


Run it anywhere from 25mcg to 100mcg, no higher. Keep in mind that the higher the dosage, the hungrier youll be. I ran 100mcg for a couple weeks but my hunger was ravenous... 50mcg in the morning seems to do the trick (for me).


75-100 mcg/day.




I started with 50mcg. I will bump my dose to 75mcg if i feel strength is good. I just want my tren to kick in so i can avoid muscle loss from t3. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Apart of that,

I last injected my last dose of test esaturday night. It consisted of 275mg. I pinned 275mg test e eod. I also had dbol peaking in my blood. But i decided to drop both test e and dbol cause im fat as hell. How long do you think till 250mg prop takes over and how long for the test e to leave my system?
Also, my hormones are all over the place now from dropping stuff and throwing new compounds in, so I'm getting some acne, how long till everything normalizes? I shot my first dose of prop (70mg) and ace (200mg) last night. I will be doing eod.
I wanted to throw in anavar at 100mg ed. But i wanna see how i react to the tren first acne and blood pressure wise.


IMO the test is too high for a high tren/low test approach. See how your sides are, if you do get sides drop the test lower.



How low would you suggest me going?


Honestly i think you should be fine at 250. Going much lower you'll be in TRT range


Yea. I did my second injection yesterday night. And damn, I feel fucking pumped, but I lack the endurance. Idk if endurance is really the word for it. I know I have 405x5 x5 in me on dls for example. I do my 1st set. My second set I know I have energy to do way more than 405. But I stick to it. And I can't even lift it up. My quads feel non existant. Like I feel the energy in me, but I get tired extremely fast or lack the energy quickly and the power


Maybe I'm not eating enough and need to up my cals.
I'm doing 20min cardio everyday after workout (250cals).
I hope when the tren fully kicks in I will feel the strength and power returning.
I feel like high test will always be the gold trophy winner