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What DON'T YOU Do/See?


Just sitting here, after a week off from training, putting together a new program to start off with next week. Got to thinking about some excecises I haven't done in a long time.

At the gym I go to I see a very broad base of training styles being used, bodybuilding,power lifting, oly lifting , functional , "isolationalists" (you know), etc.

What excersise/s have YOU never/rarely used or never/rarely SEE being used?
I say goodmornings....what say you?


At my new gym I got the giant cambered bar out to do Good Mornings. Not only did I get funny looks for getting the bar out, which was covered in dust, but some guy told me "Your squatting is all wrong, but you were doing them better with more weight earlier"


Single-leg exercises, such as bulgarian split squat, lunges, step up...I rarely (if ever) do them, and I can safely bet nobody at my gym even know them.


standing shouder press, oddly enough. no one squats or deadlifts but me, no dips, no slow lifting


very few people will do push/standing military presses and also bb bent over rows and tbars are somewhat uncommon where i train.




Oly lifts.

Good mornings rock.


x2. I get very funny looks when doing Bulgarian Split Squats but then most of the people at my gym just seem to do workouts consisting of five different chest or bicep exercises...


Front Squats, get people telling me I should put the bar back because what I'm doing can't be right, also going ATG is so bad for my knees

Any standing back excerside, BOR's/Yates/T-bar, hell I've only had 1 guy do goodmornings since I've trained there

Mobility work, "what muscle does that train?" It doesn't, just makes sure I can move my shoulders tyvm "Well I'll just focus on getting big" Ok man gl with that cu in 2 years when u fucked your rotator cuff and going for surgery

Full ROM squats, cause really 1/8 squats are so much cooler didn't you know

Oly lifting is impossible but that said I do see an OH-SQ every once in a while, with extreme light weights

Standing MP, cause you can use 2x the weight if you go down to the top of your hair arching your back like youre benching and move the bar while your spotter screams IT"S ALL YOU MAN

That's about it :stuck_out_tongue:


stiff legged deads, x2 on the split squats.


There's no such thing as a "Bulgarian Split Squat". You're doing static lunges with the rear leg elevated. Very simple.

Thou shalt not overly complicate exercise names.

Any exercise that has you in a lunge position is a lunge, not a squat. A squat is not a unilateral exercise, so stop calling lunges "split squats".


Split squats again, any olympic lift, weighted pushups/pullups, front squats, barbell row, and have never seen foam rolling and have come to assume that anyone seeing me do it for my frontside thinks I'm performing some bizzare mating ritual, which is why I now light candles and start rocking some Barry White to set the mood...


Weighted pullups, barbell rows, hack squats, deadlifts, hang cleans. I see lots of curling though :open_mouth:


box squats, push press, javelin press.


The only place I've seen anyone do deadlifts was at a Crossfit facility. At any other gym I have to get the "trainers" to "check" my form for me occasionally.


You knew exactly what we meant, the name we used is not uncommon. I don't see what the fuss is about.


Ass to grass squats. Then, when I do them I always hear people commenting saying "why's he going so low" or "fuck that shit".


Most exercises that really WORK....sorry maybe I'm a little bitter after working out at a "health club" for a few years.


There's no such thing as a "heart attack". You just had a myocardial infarction. Very simple.


I think I'm the only person that Dead lifts in the gym I work that has a membership here.

Good morning is something I have not done.