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What Does Your Username Say About You?


Mine says I read a lot of Tolkien at one point.

Oh man. I’m a middle aged guy who just discovered the internet. You’re onto me.

mine says my area code.


[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
mine says my area code.


it means your gay.

Arnold just rocks!!!


If I’m middle aged then that means I won’t see 50 :frowning:

Location, hobby, name.

its cuz im mikey k. biatch.

I’m a student at OU (Crimson & Cream)

And I like lilies

I’m a complicated person…

ask any CHICO, OYAY, SPIC, ETC what mines means… LOl… just fuckin around but its pretty obvious to anyone

I like snakes?

Not to be confused with trouser snakes.

I’m the Juvenile. I’ve had this name since high school.

That I’m stuck in a country where they sell fucking man-bras (not a joke, in lace nonetheless) and where the idea of a hunk in an average gal’s mind is Bruce Lee after a long cutting diet.

Man, I hate Soyboys!

[quote]WolBarret wrote:
I’m the Juvenile. I’ve had this name since high school. [/quote]

I dont know about your user name but your avatar is awesome.

mines an essential mechanism for survival. lol. Oh, and i started judo and tae kwondo at the age of six and at 14 kickboxing, and then at 19 Bjj. so MMA and lifting are my hobbies. the last 1 year has been more weight gaining and lifting then mma anything though

Well my name, um, suggest that i’m some sort of german duke with b/o?


Herbert is a name my friends call me (not my actual name) and I’m from the Netherlands.

I am polite(mostly) and my skin is translucent.