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What Does Your Exercise Selection Look Like?

What does your exercise selection look like?

"I know how powerful my training concepts are if properly applied. However I’m also aware that some die hard bodybuilders want to stick to their dear body part split. The good thing is that my training principles are aimed at providing structure within chaos… they are easily adaptable.

As long as you respect the core principles your routine will work…

  1. train pushing muscles mainly for performance

  2. The back responds better to higher fatigue and less frequent stimulations

  3. Autoregulate depending on what you can do on any given day

  4. The emphasis is on pushing movements patterns (upper and lower)

  5. The more work you do without exceeding your capacity to recover, the more you’ll progress

If somebody wants to apply some of my principles while sticking to a body part split, he can do so. Heck, at least that will introduce him to my principles while keeping him comfortable!

Here is a good 5-days a week bodybuilding split:

DAY 1. Pulling (back and biceps)

DAY 2. Pressing (emphasis on chest with 3-4 pressing movements and 1-2 isolation exercises)

DAY 3. Legs / Squat emphasis (2-3 lower body pressing movements, 1-2 isolation exercises)

DAY 4. Neural charge

DAY 5. Pressing (shoulders/overhead emphasis, 2-3 pressing movements, 1-2 isolation for delts, 1-2 isolation for triceps)

DAY 6. Deadlift and Hamstrings

DAY 7. Neural charge

You’ll notice that it is a 7 days plan and I said 5. Keep in mind that I don’t really believe in “off” days and prefer to use neural charge workouts instead of taking the day completely off.’