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What Does Your Diet Look Like?

geez stu, gotta be tough to eat that shit. so much boring oats, protein powder and then cottage cheese for a meal, ouch. why no nuts?

Normally, I eat a ton of cashews as well as peanut butter, but as I diet, I find that as much as I love a serving of PB, I can trade the 200 cals it contains for the 150 cals of oats, which will fill me up much more. When I bulk, believe me, the diet looks drastically different.


hahaha true, so i guess depending whether u bulk again soon depends on how the comp goes?? if it hasnt been said before, wat weight u reckon ull come in at? and what weight were u when u started cutting?

STarting cutting at 205, currently in the low 180’s. Planning on competing as a middleweight, which would be under 175.


under 175 wow, lost 13kgs, thats insane, surely u could have knocked off more fat with less weight loss? wow, now it makes me think i really have to get to 250 to even think about competing :slight_smile:

well, if I hadn’t given myself a timeframe (when I found a natty contest within driving distance), I probably could have. once I put some size back on, i’m certain i’ll go as a light-heavyweight next time. still, most natty shows are won with conditioning. always better to be the biggest guy in a lighter weightclass -lol


Lifting days:
M1: 60 gr whey/casein, 100 gr oatmeal.
M2: 50 gr whey/casein, 50 gr otmeal, 1 banana. (post workout)
M3: 140 gr tuna, 70 gr rice, tomato.
M4: 6 egg omelette, mushroom, onion.
M5: 200 gr chicken breast, 250 gr broccoli, mushroom, onion.
M6: 50 gr whey/casein.

  • two peanut/walnut snackings.
    = 3461 Kcal 315/200/150 P/C/F

Cardio/Off days:
M1: 60 gr whey/casein, 80 gr oatmeal.
M2: 6 egg omelette, mushroom, onion.
M3: 200 gr chicken breast, 250 gr broccoli, mushroom, onion, nuts.
M4: 50 gr whey/casein, 1 banana.
M5: 140 gr tuna, 70 gr rice, tomato.
M6: 50 gr whey/casein, nuts.
= 3157 Kcal 306/156/142 P/C/F

Yes, fairly low on the carbs but I just feel less heavy and sluggish when keeping the carbs low.
I do treat myself to some bread and pasta on saturdays though and this saturday I’m even gonna eat some chocolate! gasp