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What Does This Sound Like I Did?


heres the story, Two weeks ago I was semi sumo deadlifting, pulled 610x3. Afteri decided to hit a heavy single conventional missing 605 just above the knee cause I put everything into my heavy triple. I felt some tension in my back when I dropped it but no pain. The next day one of my buddies was doing cleans and I always mess around and said I could one hand snatch it ( only 85 lbs ). Did it fucking around using my right hand. The next day still fine some soreness but nothing out of the ordinary. The day after, I go to squat. Going up by plates. When I get to 405 I unrack it and step back and have pain in the center right of my back like a bad cramp. I rack the weight and leave I still lift the following days but the pain goes away over about a week. I actually squat a new best with 405, 12 reps. Then two days later I’m squating again and unrack 405 again and feel a little pain mid right on my back so I just drop the weight and move on. it feels normal the next day. About 2-3 days after that I am able to squat up to 405,425,445,465 all triples. Two days later I am squatting 405 and at the top of my second rep straight across the center of my back was intense pain almost couldnt rack the weight. that pain was so bad I couldn’t breath but two days later and it doesn’t feel that bad. I’m used to squatting 500+ a few days a week and this did not hurt my deadlift other then mentally. I still pulled high 500s into 600s during this though not when I was in pain. Any thought on what I did to my back my one buddy said I should see a chiropractor.


Failing above knee in the conventional deadlift can cause aaaall kiiiinds of problems. Personally my back rounds like an egg if I fail a conventional deadlift, hence I don’t fail them. Could be a pulled muscle, could be a problem with your discs, could be a problem with your vertebrae etc. Go to a physician.


Thats the thing usually I’ll feel it the next day,That time I didn’t feel anything in my back whats going on now thats why I’m not sure it even started there.


I’m seeing a Chiro for exactly what you’ve mentioned; except, I felt a pop at the time. Same place, same, pain, same difficulty breathing. For me, he thinks it was just a rib popping due to the muscles being overly tight and a handful of spots that aren’t as mobile as the should be (there’s a technical term, but I don’t remember it). No damage showed on an x-ray, fwiw.


Going to see one tomorrow hopefully they can fix me up.


Back feels good again. Going to see how it goes over the next few weeks. They messed with my neck and mid back