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What Does this Mean

was reading over a trainng programme and did not understand what this meant.
“BENCH 4 sets (5’s @70-80%, 4’s @ 75-85%, 3’s @80-90%)”

can someone explain?

5 reps @ 70%-80% of your max, and so on…

What program?

Is it:

Week 1: 4x5 @70%-80%
Week 2: 4x4 @75%-85%
Week 3: 4x3 @80%-90%

Oh yeah, I like @anon50325502 answer better lol

Yes it meant this(Matt Rhodes Program?)

Its a very good programme, and im considering but do you think i can put some plyos before the main lifts? and how can i incorporate farmer carries.

Plyos before main lifts and farmers carries as a finisher would probably work fine.

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I would try it exactly as is for a few weeks before adding anything, but yeah you can prob get away with adding those for limited volume

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will do, will add one or two sets of plyos and just farmer carries as i have to work on forearm strength due to a previous radius break. But thanks for the comments! and one las question regarding the conditioning how many of each should i do i know it says keep it 60 mins max so could i do like 10 1/2 geasers one day with some of the other conditioning options and very it on the others day?

Yep that should be fine