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What Does This Mean?


I'm sick today. Really sick.

Last night, when I was not sick, I spit on my front stoop, as I sometimes do.

Today, there is a green/blue mold/fungus/bacteria/black death thing in the shape of my spit on my front stoop, where there was formerly just spit.


Am I dying?



go to a doctor


go to a doctor ... right after you spit in Jon Bon Jovi's mouth...


We are all dying some just faster than others, like you.


I'm donating my creampie porn collection to SAMA.

Polo can have my sandbag and trap bar.

Take a sample of the spit and give whatever I have to Print.




We'll miss ya Homie!



It's 150 pounds, so you might want to use some...sob...chalk!

Seriously, guys. That shit is blue now.

And it came.

From inside me.

But not in a gay way.


Im pretty sure you caught the ghey, or TB.

Really man it is outside on the ground what was the color when it left you?


When it left me I felt fine, and it was clear..

Now I am sick, and it is blue.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Look, I know it's really sad that my mortal coil is mid-shuffle, but let's not pretend that this isn't like, a major deal, okay. That would just be insensitive.


Dude you're definitely dying I'd give you a couple more days tops!

On a side note..... can I borrow $100 bucks! Swear I'll pay you back next month.



Just so you know, I plan to return as an essence.



Now your steps have it too.


God's getting you back for your Pop-Tarts fail.


Take a cell phone pic and post that shit.


You're only really dying if your spit looks like Bea Arthur.


And besides, who the fuck spits on their OWN front stoop?

You deserve to die from lack of self-respect!



Apparently that girl's father liked to get drunk and rough her up.

Buddhists call this karma.


When it's not fucking biologically viable it evaporates, fuckmechristJEESUS!

I am DYING here. Dying. Die-ing.

Is this because I didn't return your calls?

I still think you're really special, Dwarf.

And I will never stop loving you.



I still don't know how to put phone pictures on my computer. I've tried.