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What Does This Blood Work Say?

Here is a list of some of the symptoms I have been experiencing.
1). I cannot gain weight despite eating almost 7000 calories a day. It does not make me gain significant fat or significant strength or mass. I maybe gained albs then just ended up stalling out with zero further progress. My activity is minimal, no more than 45-60 minutes of lifting per day then resting all day studying(I am a college student).

2). I’ve gained virtually zero strength on my compound lifts in the last 15 months despite very good training(training with a couple IFBB pro’s and some pro baseball and football players.

3). I often am tired feeling, but a little caffeine fixes it. This is despite having 8-12 hours of sleep every night and obviously eating plenty of food.

4). I NEVER and I mean NEVER get morning wood anymore when 7-10 months ago I did everyday.

5). I NEVER get erections anymore no matter how scantly clothed females are, unless they are literally on my lap and I seriously think I am going to get some(if this happens it seems to work fine, but not nearly as good as it used too).

6). More recently my muscles have seemed to be recovering very slowly from exercise, remaining sore for 2-4 days longer than they used too.

NOTE ABOUT MYSELF I am an asthmatic, when I was in 3rd grade with one lung functioning at only 13% of the normal lung volume, and the other at 10%. I have been on some form of corticosteroids for most of my life(12 years). I was on 60mg of prednisone daily for periods of 4-8 weeks at a time when I was younger. Currently I am on low dose inhaled corticosteroids only(Symbicort—steriod is called budesonide at 160mcg daily). I haven’t taken oral corticosteroids for a few years(2-3). And even three years ago the dose I was taking was closer to 20mg daily or EOD only.

I have gone to an end and got my first bloodworm back. Some of the labs, including testosterone and a 24-hour urine analysis have not come back yet, they come back when I go back in for the first follow-up this Thursday.

Here are the labs I got back that I think are of interest because they are out of range or are close to out of range, or I just think they could be related.

ACTH = 11 Ref. Range <46
Cortisol P.M 6.2ug/dl Ref. 1/2 AM values. Morning Ref range is 5-25ug/dl
DHEA-S = 339ug/dl Ref. 80-560
Vitamin D 25-OH TOTAL(Abnormal-Low) = 27.4ng/dl Ref. 32-80
ABS EOS COUNT =60 Ref. 30-600
Urea Nitrogen(BUN)(Abnormally high) = 29mg/dl Ref 8-22mg/dl
Creatinine, Serum = 1.10mg/dl Ref 0.70-1.30
Total Protein, Serum = 7.9g/dl Ref 6.4-8.3
Albumin(Abnormally high) = 5.2 Ref. 3.5-5.0
Total bilrubin = 0.7mg/dl Ref 0.2-1.2
Alkaline Phosphatase = 181(Abn High) Ref. 61-146u/l
AST = 37 Ref. 10-40
ALT = 83(Abn High) Ref. 10-50u/L

eGFR >= 60 Ref. >=60

There is no glucose, blood, or protein in my urine. At-least not more than normal.

Free T4 = 1.23 Ref 0.80-1.76
Free T3 =3.4 Ref 2.3-5.0
TSH = 1.44 Ref 0.40-4.00
C-Peptide 1.0 Ref. 0.9-7.00
Hemoglobin A1c 5.1 Ref 4.0-5.6 is normal range

Serum LH = 5.83 Ref 0.80-7.60
FSH Serum = 4.2 Ref 0.7-11.1
Prolactin = 9.3 Ref. 1.9-25.00
IGF-1 = 378 Ref. 141-483
HGH = 3.47(Abnormally high) Reference range 0.00-1.00 ng/ml

Triglycerides = 51 Ref. Anything under 150 is "optimal"
Total Cholesterol = 133 Ref. Anything under 200 is "optimal"
HDL Cholesterol is = 56 Ref. <40 is low >60 is high
LDL Cholesterol is = 67 Ref. Optimal is less than 100
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 2.38(Abnormally low) Ref. 2.8-6.6 Percentile 10.

Lastly, Yes I now for an absolute fact how much I was eating. I accurately record all my food. I was practically raised form birth to be a professional athlete.

Note that I am only about 194b at probably 15-16% bodyfat and I am 6ft tall. I cannot drop my body fat below
below what it is at. No matter what I do i just lose muscle and look fatter if I even drop my calories even a little bit.
With all that in mind, can anyone give me some insight into what might be causing my symptoms? The Endocrinologist immediately thought low testosterone when he first saw me. We will likely be running even more bloodworm this Thursday. Any ideas or suggestions for me?

Thanks much,

P.S. I’m 19.

going on a limb here
most people who claim to eat alot
really dont
other wise i dont know sh-t
but with health issues
is it possible your system is not properly processing your food?
as in digesting and absorbing

My food was recorded meticulously every single day like I said. Maybe I have some absorption problem. But there are some clear abnormalities in my bloodworm. Mainly my cortisol is very low. And it was that low at 1:35 pm…meaning it had 12 more hours to drop below the lowest value on the reference range…which I’m sure it did.

has your doctor looked at side effects of your meds?
sometimes they over look the rare ones

i got issues with doctors they sometimes do dumb s–t
like not listening

My Endo thinks it very likely is as a result of taking oral corticosteroids for years when I was a younger kid. He seems to be very willing to help solve whatever probelm I have.

If you’re eating 7,000 calories a day at 195 lbs, you’re gaining weight unless you’ve got a tapeworm. Maybe you have one.

Most of the rest sounds like me:

  • having serious trouble moving my bodyfat % no matter what (I’m stuck at 11%).

  • increased soreness (I was extremely sore 7 days after doing a running workout + straight leg deadlifts, to the point where I finished nearly dead last in a sprint competition after being in the middle of the exact same pack last year)

  • No erection problems per se, just a dead sex drive (huge investment in lingerie lately as a way to try to fix my sex life with my woman)

  • Tired despite 8 hours of sleep

  • Mostly plateau’d in strength (slight increase in powerclean after gaining 8 lbs of bodyweight, counterbalanced by a drop in bench press).

I’m at 305 total test, no idea about free.

Thanks for the reply. My Endo seemed to think If I just had an above average metabolism(thyroid I suppose) but my testosterone was low, I likely would just burn off most of those excess calories and I wouldn’t putt on muscle.

Are you starting TRT soon then with those levels? There is more harm done to a young body with levels that low than if you just inject and get it back into a good range.

A urologist told me he WOULD put me on Clomid but didn’t actually write prescriptions, so he’d have to set me up with a second appointment with a urologist who DID write prescriptions. Uro No.1 says Uro. No. 2 will almost certainly give me Clomid.

My understanding is that Clomid usually doubles guys’ total T, sometimes more - ---- but doesn’t always help with libido because of X, Y,and Z. I don’t know of anyone that’s on Clomid for the long haul.

I don’t like the idea of sticking myself forever, especially since I like going on long camping expeditions with minimal gear…but who knows.

I notice that our symptoms seem extremely similar but I’ve never been on corticosteroids or really any medication long-term. It makes me wonder.

This stuff is pretty depressing, isn’t it?

What was your LH and FSH?

Didn’t get either when I was tested. I did a full panel today and should know in 5-7 days and I’ll post then.

Alright thanks let me know. I’ll post what I find out.