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What Does the hgh & IGF Levels Prove?

I recently started using Chinese green tops. Two weeks in and I decided to get some blood work done. I opted for the hgh serum test and the IGF test. I really wanted to make sure the stuff I am getting is legit. The results came back today.

IGF-1 Result: 212 ng/mL Reference Interval: 98-282
GH Result: 14.5 ng/mL Reference Interval: 0.0-10.0

I’m running 6iu daily. I did 6iu’s 4 hours before the test. Also had 15iu’s regular insulin 3 hours before test.

My main question being if the GH levels are high why is the IGF levels not inline with them? What does it all mean? Could it be 192 and not 191?

Any feed back will be greatly appreciated. I can answer any questions or give more info, stats, & etc if it will help to figure out what exactly is going on.