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What Does the Fox Say?

[quote]PimpBot5000 wrote:
Meh, to each their own I guess. I thought it was great.

Maybe I’ve got a strange sense of humour - I find the following hilarious


Kind of reminds me of Alan squirrel, I really like Alan squirrel.

Fuck I am tired of that video. The media over here have talked about it for weeks and dont want to shut the fuck up about it.

Its needer good comedy nor good music, its pure crap.

Norwegian humor is the worst.

I lolled because I the “fox noises” are recognizable parodies of breaks from other electronica. I can’t put a name to most of them but one was gaga.

Do people get that or do they just like the fox stuff?

It’s insanely addicting.

Marky Mark is uniquely qualified to comment.