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What Does the Fox Say?



re: Norway

"The findings on drug use are based on reported use during the last 30 days. Nationwide, 10 per cent had used heroin during the past month, 32 per cent had used cannabis and 40 per cent had used benzodiazepine substances. Fifteen per cent had used stimulants, primarily amphetamine. The situation was also measured by calculating the overall score for frequency of drug use and the severity of ongoing use during the past month. Forty per cent had not used such substances at all, and eighteen per cent only sporadically. All the findings are practically unchanged compared with recent years (SERAF, 2012)."


I hate how the EDM scene isn't even trying anymore.



This won't be catching on across the country...sorry.

New Hip Hop seems to be the last place any originality or talent dwells....and pickin's are slim there.


What the fox did I just watch?


Girls in dress shirt and dress pants with ties, is so hot.




I like it.



A better question is what does the duck say.


Fucking Norwegians. My boy won't stop singing this.


My daughter 12, my son 5, and my son 3 all sing it together. It is getting old in the dmaddox household. As funny as it was 3-4 weeks ago it is not so much any more.


When the fox sees snowy, he says 'FUUUUUUUUUUUUU...'


Sorry to derail the hate train, but Ylvis is a comedy group.

Shitty comedy indeed, but still a joke none the less.

For reference, heres another video:


Eh, this is a much better one imo:


I hate people who call this comedy.


To hell with all y'all.....that Stonehenge video is hilarious.


To me it is like when small children make nonsense noises, jump around and act out.

If that is comedy it is targeted at the <10 crowd.


Meh, to each their own I guess. I thought it was great.

Maybe I've got a strange sense of humour - I find the following hilarious


Lopez is busy fucking this guys girlfriend.

Which is indeed hilarious.

I bet she even makes him sammiches.