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What Does T-Nation Drive?


After the CT thread of the same name, and since I'm looking to buy a car, I thought it might be an appropriate time to see what the rest of the community drives and how they like their ride.

In my case, I have a shitty '95 Escort that's stumbling around on it's last leg. I'm looking to upgrade--won't be to difficult looking at what I'm currently riding around in--and am planning on going the used car, under $10K route.

So lets hear it: what're you driving and how do you like it?



Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The only "issue" I have with "Jeep" is why they went to a more "blocky" design with the "Grand Cherokee" and the "Liberties". Do customers actually like the "blocky" look more?

Oh well...they are the experts!

I'm now actually looking at purchasing one of the Chrysler "300" Series. I REALLY like the design and ride. My only problem is that an SUV is much more practical for me and my Lifestyle.



Sorry, Hambone!

I just re-read where you were looking for under 10K.

An SUV is not out of the question, but you want to make sure someone really checks it out first. That's because you are PROBABLY looking at getting around a 2000 or older? (I'd check that out a little more).



A 2006 Ford F-150 Super Cab, the wife has a 2001 Ford F-150 Super Cab, and we have a 95 Dodge Dakota to run around in locally, and for hauling stuff.

I drive around a pretty large family, in number and in size. We fit better in the Super cab than we did in any other SUV or truck, even the Explorer or a Chevy Suburban.

4 wheel drive is a necessity in Idaho.



Don't worry about what I'm looking at in terms of money for a car, this is more of a general question to see what people drive and what they like/dislike about their ride.

And I agree, the 300's are pretty sweet. They look really classy but also have some giddyup to them.

As far as cars that I'm looking at for my budget: Acura TL, Nissan Maxima, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Lincoln LS, VW Jetta and Passat, Volvo S40/60. They're all in my price range (well, the 2000-2003 versions of these, at least) and they all suit my needs (no family, just looking for something that looks nice and is reliable).

So let's hear it: who hates their car, who has had non-stop issues, and who wouldn't trade their ride for anything else?


While I wouldn't trade my ride(s) for anything else, I have a totally different criteria to base my judgement on.

I think your being pretty thoughtful in your decsion. You have a great list of considerations, and couldn't really go wrong on any of them. I rode in friend's Maxima the other day, and was pretty impressed with the space, the interior, and the gas mileage. His was a 2003. I asked him about maintenance also. He said other than oil changes, he never sees a mechanic.


Cadillac STS, looks cooler than the 300 in my opinion, although the 300 is what the secret service drive (I think).


I drive and love my 2006 Nissan Titan. Rides great, well insulated, comfortable, and hauls ass.


Black 07 Honda Civic Coupe, sittin on black 17 inch rims. It's a nice lookin ride and the gas mileage ain't too bad either.


Agreed about the STS, though you can't go wrong with either of those. Check out the new '08 STS:

(pictures are at the bottom of the page)

So sick...too bad they're more than quadruple what I'm looking to spend.


Agree with BigMike:

1) You have an EXCELLENT list; really can't go wrong.

2) Everyone I know with an Eclipse LOVES them.

3) The problem I have with the Cadillacs (including the "Escalades" that feel like you are driving on the CLOUDS!) is they continue to lead the list in stolen and broken in vehicles!

I have ENOUGH drama in my Life without having to worry about a damn car being stolen!...OR being pulled over every other block in the small town I live in because the "Escalade" is the "Drug Dealer" SUV of choice! (GEEZ those things ride sweet, though!)

From all indications you can't lose with the "F" Series of trucks in terms of both RESALE and DURABILITY.

(Ford isn't blowing smoke when they say more of the "F" series are still on the Road more than any other Truck in it's class...at least I THINK that's right! BigMike could tell us!)



Thank you, I've been researching for a while now and am slowly narrowing the list down. I'll go for some test drives to see which I like best, then decide from there.

That's interesting, because the Eclipse was, while researching, my clear favorite; however, the past few days I've been looking at user reviews on message boards and have read about tons of issues with the paint job and shoddy parts/engineering. Guess I might have to do some more research, because I really like the looks of the Eclipse.

Agreed completely. I would never get an Escalade because of the stigma (not to mention the gas those things must guzzle). I would, however, buy an STS in a second.


I bought my 2001 Ford F-150 in 2003, becuase I could afford it, and I got a great deal. It has been the best truck I have ever driven. (I have driven a lot of them.) I bought my 2006 in 2006, based on my experience with my 2001, and will probably buy more Fords in the future because I have had great luck with these particular trucks. I am speaking about these individual trucks, not collectively. If I had found a Dodge or a Chevy at the time, (back then thier quad cabs weren't as big as the Ford's, and they couldn't fit my family) and I would have had the good experience with them that I have had with my Fords, I would probably be singing their praises right now, and I wouldn't even know anything about Fords.

If your looking for a smaller truck, the Dodge Dakota is a good one. Mine has been "rode hard, and put away wet" many times, and I haven't had any problems with it either.

I've got to think you can find a pretty good deal on the Nissan Sentra, or a Toyota of similar type. They would probably be the least expensive options on your list, with possibly the exception of a Volkswagon, and their gas mileage and maintenance record would be great.

Let us know what you decide on.



2008, Suburst Orange, Dodge Avenger


I hate you. I want a Titan so damn bad.


a 12 speed bicycle.....

ahah na, its really a 21 speed.


I drive a 2002 Honda Accord Coupe. Great car, very reliable, great gas mileage, stylish, rides really nice.

Before I had this car, I had a 92 Accord. I got it with 90,000 miles, and when I traded it in, it had 235,000 miles and still ran great.

The resale value on them is good as well, and you can find a good Honda for under $10,000. Honestly, the car is just getting started at 90,000 miles, and you can drive it for a long time.


Interesting. I really like Honda's in general. If I were to get one it'd be a Civic (I love the '03 model and have found a few in my price range). I'm actually trying to decide if I want to go with a sports car (Eclipse) or something more practical and reliable like an Accord or Civic.


1995 Ford Ranger.
2.3L 4cyl, 5 speed.

I freaking love it.
-No car payment
-I can haul stuff
-It gets decent mileage for a truck (about 20mpg)
-Tighter turning radius than a 2003 Toyota Camry...it's generally an easily maneuverable truck

-Not exactly a "looker", but I do keep it well-maintained.

Midsize trucks are great, because of all these reasons, and the fact that there's an abundance of them, or so it seems. They can therefore EASILY be had for under 10k.


Some of them have probably made it home by now.