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What Does T-Nation Do for YOU?

So ya i saw the old thread Prof X linked, re the essay on what T-Nation
is /was /will be, and it got me to thinking on what T-Nation did or is doing for me.

Below is my view on T-Nation, please attempt some good reply, would be nice to see some serious views on what you have gotton out of this site.

So ya to me, suppose if i didn’t see T-Nation on a random search i’d still be lifting with my mates doing 3 sets of 10 for random weights on random days, and still have gained nothing.

SO suppose, thats the 1st benefit, it opened my eyes to the big bad world of muscle building.

Second benefit, would be nutrition this came ALOT slower than learning the training scene but thanks to simply laid out stuff i was able to lean out without even dieting ^^

So thats the 2nd one.

Third and what i consider the main one, is that it gives a sense of community. No one i hang around with takes weightlifting seriously, its a “im bored lets go to the gym” kind of attitude with them, even now my mates im living with dont work out, and throw random sarcastic comments whenever i come in from the gym or they see me downing a shake.
Without this place, i believe i would have probabaly caved to what Shugart calls “toxic people” as i would not have known WHY they were doing what they were. Now i take their comments in my stride, and think
to myself “ya but when i look in the mirror i LIKE what i see”

Truth be told, T-Nation has given me a bit of an ego boost, something i KNOW 60-80% of the population WONT go weightlifting 5 days a week, WONT cook LOADS of meals and plan ahead and just WONT commit to it as a lifestyle. And that makes me feel fucking GREAT, knowing im doing something others cant or wont do.

Lastly T-Nation makes me think, of all people TC seems to resonate ALOT of what i think. If anything, he opened a door for me to peep through at this lifestyle, offered me programs, nutrition, people who DONT want to be average joe soap etc etc etc. Charles Poliquin says that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with, well i think T-Nation makes about 2/5 people in my current makeup.

And i couldnt really ask for a better 2, i have met some great people on this site, hired who i think is an unreal trainer, and anything i need answered or any advice i need on topics that in real life i just couldn’t talk about, T-Nation has been there.

Thats what i believe T-Nation is for me a 2nd home. Some people seem to abuse the free gift, but others i see day after day tirelessly helping complete beginners, offering FREE advice and FREE help. Think about your local gym think your going to find the calibre of people down there like some vets on here, i doubt it… to those people i have an undying admiration for and to many i have expressed my thanks, something there seems to be a lack of.

So in closing, on this ramble through the thoughts in my head, i wish to thank all that T-Nation encompasses, from the very top to the very bottom. This is one hell of a place, and they very least i can do is buy some unreal products from ye.

Thats my view, anyone wish to state theirs ?

I had been doing this long before i found T-Nation, but shit i wish i had known about it from the start.

It has bridged the gap between the basics of bodybuilding.com and the confusion of scientific papers so i can have a source of information that is advanced enough for me, but not too advanced in the same breath.

They have a vast array of writers and expertise on all the subjects related to musclebuilding in the 21st century, from powerbuilding PL, functional mscle, rehab, pre-hab, down to the basics like “the sets and reps of it” (one of my favourites)

T-Nation has helped me to increase my knowledge in this field 10 fold, while motivating me to go and learn even more from other sources - as they have shown me that there is such a thing as an educated, learned bodybuilder.

T-Nation helps me to keep in a 100% state of motivation 24/7. I am always in a state of training, whether that is at the gym, learning about how to make my sessions better, giving advice myself, planning my next meal, reading the next new dietary ideas, and applying all i learn to my own life as, when or if it fits.

It has helped me to set my own fitness goals of stepping on stage, as the forum is awash with some fantastic members who are as into this sport as i am - more even, some of them, and it is through those people, asking questions and having educated conversations that i learn the optimal methods to achieve my personal goals. Or vice versa.

Thank you Testosterone!


T-Nation helps me keep myself in check when I want to stray away. It helps remind me that I am not alone and that I can do this. Reading about guys like Gus and following his thread really shows peoples dedication to this sport that we love.

Also the recipes and workouts keep things new and up to date with what is going. And thank god for M-Drive protein I love it.

Thanks T-Nation.

Opened my eyes to more volume and frequency (I found out that NO I won’t die if I train 4 days in a row).

Convinced me to finally learn Front Squats (which really means stop being a pussy… the wrist pain ain’t THAT bad).

Showed me there’s more than one way to skin a cat (not literally, you cat owners).

Some of the best advice on nutrition, physiology, and exercise on the web.

Great forums where I can be myself, expect criticism, learn stuff, exchange ideas and have a blast in the process (also learned not to use a photo of self for avatar lest I like being called stupid names. lol).

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
All of the above and…

The ablility to answer exam questions. I have spent SO much time here answering posts and PMs, explaining things to people, that I can now, finally, read a question in an exam, and instantly ‘see’ the answer mapped out in a clear style before me.


This is something I never went into before, but that is exactly why I logged in originally as a student. Answering someone else’s question with something I had learned as a Biology major or in one of my gross antomy classes in professional school helped me see the information and the logic behind it better.

I actually learned this in college when tutoring some of the students in classes I was taking while I was taking them. By the time the exam came, it was a walk in the park.

[quote]Joe Joseph wrote:

It has bridged the gap between the basics of bodybuilding.com and the confusion of scientific papers so i can have a source of information that is advanced enough for me, but not too advanced in the same breath.


Well put, and probably right on the money for the majority of folks on here!


I reduced 3 pants sizes using the training and diet advice on T-Nation. It made clear all the confusing and conflicting advice I had found earlier. I try to give back new things I’ve learned, but sometimes the idiots posting here get me down.

Honestly, something T-Nation does for me is humbles me. Not only in a purely physical sense, but realizing that the more I learn (on something like T-Nation,)about bodybuilding, the less I actually know.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
All of the above and…

The ablility to answer exam questions. I have spent SO much time here answering posts and PMs, explaining things to people, that I can now, finally, read a question in an exam, and instantly ‘see’ the answer mapped out in a clear style before me.

Previously, I was one of those guys who would have a lot of crossings out in any answer longer than a sentence, and still I would feel that I had skated around the essence of what I was trying to convey, rather than imparting my true intent.

OK, so nootropics have definitely helped a great deal. However, I feel it is the practice of writing out ‘answers’ here on the nation that has developed the skill to the point where I can write logically and precisely, even under exam pressure.

Of course, in exams, I still have to use a fucking pen. Which causes my hand to cramp up after about 30 minutes. Also, in the ‘real world’, my handwriting skills matter. And they ain’t pretty…


Since when does a Doctor’s handwriting skills matter??? The medical profession must write much differently overseas because I have no idea what any doctor has ever written…

What T-Nation does for me is give me two things: Knowledge and Education.

I split the two because the Knowledge is more data based. Learning different techniques and methodology as well as nutritional details. Things like the details of the AD or DC training.

The Education comes from learning to look at things differently. For instance, a few years back I had basically zero Knowledge about steroids and pretty much bought into the general public opinion, making smart-ass comments in the gym. Gaining the Knowledge wasn’t uber-hard(all hail the mighty interweb) but it’s the Education from talking to the people here that has been the most usual. And this extends to my training and diet as well. I have come to realize that sometimes it’s good to get someone else’s take on things.

You know what, I just thought of another thing. T-Nation has also given me some folks that I would call friends, not just nameless Internet personas. Weird though that may seem. And that might matter just as much as the first two I listed…

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What does T-Nation do for me?

Since men were men, we have always sought ways to improve ourselves and our physicality. Lately that drive seems to be hidden among society. I was completely devoid of the concept all up until 3 years ago.

I was never the biggest guy during school, and I needed a kick up the ass to give myself the mental power I needed to fight through the shit I received, I didn’t get it.

I sat on a computer for 2 years, hiding from society and myself, playing a game and living my life through that. All because I was weak physically and mentally. Then one day one of my online friends killed himself, and it hit me - THAT WAS MY KICK UP THE ASS. What the fuck was I doing? I quit the game and didn’t have anything to do.

I was 98lbs, 5’6" and my legs had not developed at all within the 2 years, I had terrible kyphosis from sitting down at the computer, stretch marks on my back from where I grew with a rounded spine.

There was only one option, I didn’t think of anything else, it was as if on some subconsious level, the generations of men before me were telling me what to do. I knew where I was going to go - the gym.

I headed there straight away, I was so small, scrawny, pale and weak. Some people looked at me in disbelief. I was just about to walk out when a trainer came up to me and asked why I was there. I told him: ‘I want to get bigger, and stronger.’

He showed me 4 exercises: Squat, Deadlift, Barbell row & Dumbbell bench press and told me to do them for 3x10 - during deadlifts (with just the bar), I was in a euphoria, everyone’s eyes disappeared from me, nothing anyone could of said could of affected me right then, I found my place of being.

Just as I was leaving I asked the trainer, what should I do to eat and stuff from now on, he replied with the best bit of information I ever could of received…

“Go to T-Nation.com

While gaining the endless wealth of information from this site, I was doing those 4 exercises 7 times a week for 3x10, I was eating steak, eggs, rice, chicken whenever I could get it, and weight gainer shakes mixed with milk to go along with it.

Within 3 months I was 130lbs and 5’7" from my improved posture. This was it; I knew that I would be doing this for the rest of my life.

I’m now 150lbs, almost 5’8", my posture has got a bit worse lately due to my shoulder injury and lack of gym time, but I started back last week with deadlifts and some shoulder rehab exercises and its better already.

T-Nation helps me be a man; it LETS me be a man.

After being surrounded by feminists, hearing that ‘all men are stupid’ and seeing men who are weak willed enough to sucumb to such drivel; I have finally learned to view this part of society through a smokescreen, made up of hate, anger, drive, willpower and a reason to live.

T-Nation gives me a place of release, if I can’t ever go to the gym or do something active; this is the next best thing.

It gives me tons of information, after getting my head in check I was making incredible gains before I hurt my shoulder (non-gym related).

It makes me realise something: I am surrounded by tons of people willing to achieve. Tons of people who’s work ethic completely out-shines most people in the world today. It has taught me to work hard for what I want, and that with sheer determination and ferocity most things can be achieved.

I am surrounded by people willing to improve themselves, and in turn it gives me an endless determination and fire within me that will never go away.

Typing this post has really brought things back into perspective, this website, is an amazing place.

When I logged in here and started reading for the first time, it was like walking through 2 huge steel gates where you are greeted by fire and the clanging of steel - It was like walking into a gym. A place that anyone (especially a man) who has forgotten or never really found who they are, can learn what they can be. Can find out if they have the power within them to unleash and control their primal fury.

If I ever have the opportunity later in my life to meet someone who started out like me, I will give them the best advice of their life.

“Go to www.T-Nation.com”.

T-Nation gave me focus, and direction, and taught me to respect my health and fitness. It filled in a missing part of me, that I didn’t even know was gone. I have learned so much in such a short time, and yet I still know next to nothing, and it humbles me.

While I still have a LONG way to go, I know that I WILL reach my potential. And for that, T-Nation, I salute you.

How about everything. Without this place, I wouldn’t have vets to question, authors to prod, and articles to examine. I’d still be stuck in the place where all fat’s bad, squatting past the toes is heresy, and the gym is just a place to hang out. I thank all those who associate with this place and have created a safe haven for people like us.

This place helped me get over my fear of getting fat. I’ve gradually put on 15 lbs since I’ve been here and don’t look like a fat ass because of it.

Other than that, there’s no one in my life that’s really into bodybuilding…so it’s an outlet for me to read/talk about it.

Just reading the articles here has really helped with nutrition. I don’t feel like such an outcast now when I buy 36 eggs at a time when shopping.

Mainly though T-Nation has helped with my attitude towards training. Before it was a hobby and now it’s a dedication. This is not just down to the authors but the people who post on here as well.

It also made me man up and do deadlifts and not be such a pussy and just make excuses about why I don’t do them!

This website gave me an opportunity to learn from others who have been through the grind of lifting iron. From sports, to rehab, and finally competition, there is something to be learned by even the most advanced trainee. I continually learn, and that keeps me coming back here over and over.

This place has also allowed me to overcome personal obstacles, through the interaction of others who have much to offer. For all of you who contribute to that, I thank you personally.

[quote]Digity wrote:

Other than that, there’s no one in my life that’s really into bodybuilding…so it’s an outlet for me to read/talk about it.[/quote]

Other than the great training info, its really the community for me as well. NONE of my friends go to the gym, and certainly wouldnt even consider body building.

I come here and you guys get it… You guys dont ask me why I’m eating 6 times a day… You dont ask me why I eat eggs for dinner… You dont ask me why I want bigger muscles.

I come here and its shooting the shit with guys who think like me and do things the way I do. I might not have stuck with it or been as dedicated this long if I didnt have you guys to talk to about this stuff.

bascially tought me 90% of what I know right now and also got me to love bodybuilding

Didn’t we all do this earlier? OR am I just getting senile?
As I recall, someone won a free T shirt for the best response or whatever.