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What Does 'Strong' Mean?

I have been training for a few years, but more seriously for the last year of so. I have a few training partners who I consider to be decently strong but we each seem to consider ourselves strong in different ways.

For example, one of my friends is a pretty big dude who is over 6’ feet tall and he benches about 305 at the moment, weighing around 185 with very low body fat. I on the other hand am a very small person, being only 5’4 and weighing 140 pounds, and I bench 240 coming off of an injury. I have around 10% body fat, probably a bit more.

My friend considers himself decently strong because he lifts over 300 pounds, while I consider myself decently strong because I lift 1.7 times my body weight (a bit higher ratio than his). My question is Who is stronger: the person with the higher weight lifted to body weight ratio or the person who lifts more? I’ve been curious about this question for a while.


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If anybody has a different definition of strong, I would like to know your opinion too.

Your question is a matter of definition, which is a matter for the dictionary, and thus really not a matter for debate.

However if you want a philosophical answer, do you yourself really consider say an ant stronger than say a T-Rex?

If yes then that at least for you answers your question in one way, if no then the other way.

You friend has 45 pounds more mass than you and can lift bigger numbers. He is bigger and stronger than you are.


Your friend is stronger. Suck it up.

[quote]Malevolence wrote:
You friend has 45 pounds more mass than you and can lift bigger numbers. He is bigger and stronger than you are.[/quote]


[quote]goochadamg wrote:
Your friend is stronger. Suck it up.[/quote]

I’m not trying to justify the fact that I dont lift as much as my friend. I’m just trying to figure out the criteria for being really strong so that I know what to shoot for.

[quote]JRocks wrote:
goochadamg wrote:
Your friend is stronger. Suck it up.

I’m not trying to justify the fact that I dont lift as much as my friend. I’m just trying to figure out the criteria for being really strong so that I know what to shoot for.[/quote]

This is the beginners forum people:

Don’t be the small light dude who says, -pound for pound-, its effing annoying.

When it comes to benching he might have weight on you but being that much taller is usually a disadvantage.

So IMHO EAT and train til you lift bigger numbers than him and he can be the one bitching about his long arms.


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Your question reminded me of this article.

I think you need to put aside whether or not you are strong, and consider more what your goals are. If your goal is to get as strong as possible without getting larger, say if you were planning to compete in a certain weight class, then fine. If you’re trying to get as big and as strong as possible, your friend is closer to that than you are. Besides, the only answer right to ‘are you strong?’ is ‘not strong enough’.

That’s two different things. Absolute strength shows how much weight a person can lift. Relative strength shows how much someone can lift compared to their bodyweight. Me, I can deadlift 430lbs at a bodyweight of 185lbs. Another guy at my gym can deadlift 550lbs at about 250lbs. In an absolute sense, he is stronger. In a relative sense, I’m stronger. Like someone said earlier, it depends on what your goals are. The other guy might not ever beat me in a foot race, but when you need some stuff to be lifted and moved, he’s definitely the one to call instead of me.

strong is being able to hold your own… intellectually, physically, mentally.

if your talking about weights… id say thats strength.

1.5X in bench
2x squat
2.5x dead

anything beyond that is… well, a pat on the back.

what the guy above me just said was what I was gonna say, but he did a better job than I would have

not the guy above me, the guy above that…beat me to the punch i guess. I don’t know what the guy above me just said to be honest

You are 5’4" and 140…and can bench a lot with your short little arms. Good job…you are strong and probably hyooooooge.

See also: Napolean complex

[quote]Brant_Drake wrote:
Which is tastier, pizza or cake?[/quote]

Pizza, this is a no brainer and not debatable.

How about cake pizza?