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What Does R-ALA Do?

I have an old bottle of this from a while ago. What is it supposed to do, and how would you use it? Is it useful?

Many use it prior to carb ups etc. I never saw a thing from it but a drain on the pocket book. Dave Barr has written a lot about ALA and R-Ala


It’s good for insulin-sensitivity as well.

It probably doesn’t work at all, just send it to my house and I’ll recycle it.

Seriously, use it, it’s good stuff, use with carbing up or a big carbs meal.

If not, send it to me…

Thanks. Just out of curiosity, does chromium pincolate do anything like that? I see it in a lot of protein drinks.

Also, what do you thing the GI of a whey shake is? If it just has whey, milk protein isolate, and frucctooligiosacchrides? It says it has 4 g. of carbs. Should this be consumed only after working out? Can the sweet taste make your insulin go up?

I think you are worrying to much about the small stuff.

In general consume whey post workout and maybe upon rising. Other times you might want a slower acting protein lik micellar casein or calcium caseinate.