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What Does Poliquin Mean Regarding Squatting 9-15 Times Per Week?

Starting at 1:00 Charles discusses frequency and seems to me to say that no one has become an elite squatter without squatting 9-15 times per week. WTF does he mean here? I thought he meant per month but then he clearly says that this is opposed to 2x/week working for the bench press. Any guesses?

Doing some form of squatting 1-3x per day.

Right, very likely most of that is technique work or “strength skill”, which gets you to a weight that actually has some carry over to your top end strength (squatting the bar doesnt really give you a sense of what squatting you 1RM feels like, or keep you in the same form) but without the volume or intensity to cause you too much fatigue. It might not even be taxing enough to generate a training effect, only to solidify technique.

Its not a “leg day” or a “squat session” in that sense, but just another exposure to squatting.

Sounds like pure nonsense, unless there are some caveats involved with that statement that I’m not aware of.


Damn someone should have told Coan that or even Tom Platz

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Yea, then he could have been an elite sqwatter.

If I remember right, Coan originally did a heavy and a lighter squat day each week and had to drop the second one.


I watched the clip…hes just implying that you can see faster results with more frequency. Which is very true as long as other factors are in balance.

At about 1:00 he says that he has never seen anyone reach a 3.5 x be squat without squatting at least 9x per week.

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I will re watch it… But that statement is B.S. in my opinion. Because there has been God knows Elite squatters whom havent done that.