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What does Original Surge Taste Like?


i have never tried the original flavored Surge ever and i have always loved the raspberry and chocolate flavor.


angel food cake


is that good?


didn't like raspberry much, chocolate was way better.


I actually really liked the raspberry. With the most recent Surge designed to work with the same flavorings as the Mag10/Anaconda powders, I never take mine separate anymore, just mix everything together in one bottle. Cuts down on how much liquid I have to ingest before and during my training.



It's been a while for me, but original used to be amazing. The first time I had it I thought it was pretty strange tasting, but then I was totally hooked. Raspberry tasted too chemically to me. The original kind of had a similar chemical feel, but more like foreign chemicals, like from Sweden where they care about how their chemicals taste.


The lemon lime tasted like Fruit Loops and it was HEAVEN! SOOOO GUUD :stuck_out_tongue:


@OP, Original tastes great, try it.