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What Does Jon North Do?


On the Glenn Pendlay Q and A on CT's forum and on the Olympic lifting forum there are discussions of Jon North and evidently he has some sort of special supplementation program but his coach isn't answering questions about it, lol. I am wondering if any of you guys know or have any idea what guys who are not bodybuilders and who are drug tested regularly do to get as Jacked and strong as he is? His coach said its something he eats post workout.




Wish I could help, but I'm only familiar with his brother Peter North's work.


He eats homeless people as their amino acid profile is perfect for recovery.


i hear if you start believing in him, he will appear in your nightmares. Maybe then you can ask him what he does.


I'm sure it is something similar to Surge Recovery. I don't know why you had to make a specific thread about this. Why don't you focus on more important aspects, like the lifting.


He uses celery


LMAO - The sad part is I know exactly what you are talking about.




Power Thirst, it's like lightning in a can. New flavor GUN!