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What Does John Kerry Hold Sacred?

Remember the movie “Back to School”, where the history professor says he holds history sacred, ‘like a farmer holds his soil as sacred, like a Christian holds the Bible as sacred’. What does John Kerry hold as sacred? Is it Whoopi Goldberg? That thug Mellenkamp? For the life of me, I
CAN’T NAME WHAT HE HOLDS SACRED. I think I can name what President Bush holds sacred - our safety, honesty, integrity, justice for all. Can anyone please tell me what the man holds as sacred (without descending into an anti-Bush rant, please). Thanks!

I am not a Kerry supporter in any way shape or form. However, anyone who served in Viet Nam, as he did, certainly holds his country sacred. I also think that he has a great respect for the law and our system of government.

I think far to many times we vilify our opponents. Surely both John Kerry and George Bush are good men!

I’m in agreement with Zeb.

I think any serious candidate has a great respect for the populace, the country and the institutions that define and govern it. It shows in different ways of course.

Thanks guy! I really want to understand the man and what he has to say. When he embraced Whoopi and her crowd, I was shocked. Anyway, I certainly want the best person to be president.

He embraced Whoopi because he had to! Our system is such that both men need to raise as much money as possible. I think Kerry was in the grin and bear it mode.

Keep your eye on President Bush. He too has had to buddy up to certain sectors that I am sure he would rather stay away from. However, you have to raise a lot of money to be competitive and so they do what they have to do.

John Kerry holds his own personal ambition sacred and not much else.

I think Kerry is loyal to his country. I think he genuinely cares for the welfare of the public.

I’ve heard it said that there are two types of people in politics: people who want to do something, and people who want to be something.

I think Kerry is the latter. I think he wants to be President more than he wants to actually use the Presidency to achieve political goals and priorities.

It’s hard to determine what he holds dear since he hasn’t been pressed to explain himself. If he had a more specific agenda, it would be easier to state what his priorities are. I suspect that will be more clear the closer we get to the election.

[quote]John Kerry holds his own personal ambition sacred and not much else.

This is the only time I ever hear people on the right complaining about having an ambition to succeed. I guess that John Kerry’s lifelong drive to achieve is inferior to our Presiden’t life story (underachiever and alcoholic, until a few years ago)?

As far as the Whoopi story, guys please get a grip. Whoopi told some JOKES. She’s a comedian, that’s her job. It wasn’t anything offensive, unless you are a complete milquetoast. You come off as petty, by whining about what Whoopi Goldberg said. We’ve told worse jokes here.