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What Does It Take...


To become a Chad Waterbury, Christian Thibadeau, John Berardi, etc...

Basically, I've been accepted into colleges and I want you guys to decide my future. Ha kidding. I applied to colleges as either a physical therapy major, or an exercise science major. Preferring the latter. I know I dont want to become a physical therapist anymore.

But seriously, what major(s) does one have take to become someone like those listed above? What classes would one expect to take with a major such as this? What degrees would one have to earn?



The writers have their degree(s) listed at the bottom of every article, if memory serves me correct.


Meet the T-Nation Staff article from a couple weeks back, should have what you need.



I was reading from a dietitians Q&A section and she said that most professional/elite level sports nutritionists have duel masters' in nutrition and exercise physiology.

That's alot o schoolin'.


I just got my BS in Exercise Science this past August, and while it was a great learning experience, I've learned more just researching on my own.

Learning from the leaders in the field, attending conferences, and also I did my internship at the Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas, which was a great learning experience. This is where you're going to get the real world knowledge.

It's not so much what you know, it's how you can relay it to the general public. Because no one's going to care if you know the Kreb's cycle and explain it to them.


In addition to the exercise and nutrition courses (degrees) make sure you take some public speaking.

Get comfortable in front of audiences of all sizes.

Make sure you practice what you preach. A good physique will add to your credibility.

What makes some of these guys special is not just their knowledge but the way they present it.


it's all in the way it's presented, really all the information is available anyway, but compare TC's writing or Berardi's to something from pubmed. Making it acceptable to your audience is the goal

I lecture in the uk, and try and work in lots of jokes and interactive elements, use examples from the audiences comfort zone etc. watch your favourite comediens/tv presenters, look at the timing..build up...wait ...deliver

for any would be trainer, you have to look the part or who will believe in you

also having something unique has to be the answer. What do the T guys you mention have that others do not?


Nothing. I was just using them as an example.