What does it mean?

I can’t take it anymore. I will never figure out what IMO means. Can someone please tell me?

IMO = In my opinion… IMHO = In my humble opinion.
…where the f…k’s my apple?

In my opinion, I believe IMO to mean “in my opinion.” But then again, that’s just IMO. :slight_smile:

Ralph, in my opinion, IMO, you are big, cut, you are as hard as three times nine.

3x9. that shits funny as hell. I still got my tape. I use it as a door stop.

Hey, and what the hell is “as hard as three times nine” mean? I still wonder this from the time it was said on the Body For Life movie. I don’t think Ralph even knows–he just assumed it was a compliment.

Have you ever tried to multiply 3 by 9? That shit is damn difficult, if not impossible! Ok, maybe not for us, but for Backwoods Georgian, Strip Club Manager Porter Freeman, 27 is damn difficult to achieve from 3 and 9.

27? I thought it was 39…