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What Does it Mean When Mod Name in Inbox w/ Pencil Next to It


What does it mean in the notifications when there’s a mod name and on the left side there’s a pencil symbol next to it? I click on it and it just goes to my post with red highlited in it thanks!


I’ve noticed that as well and from what I can tel it’s a mod who is slightly OCD editing the topics the include all words to be capitalized. I like it lol.


Oh okay it also looks like my post is not available or soemthing wasn’t sure if it ment I needed to edit it before it was allowed to be back on


The pencil represents an authorised edit to your posts title or comment within the post.

The reason its edited is because the heading isnt clear and precise, and correct punctuation like capitol letters arnt used.

You can imagine how many posts are on the T-nation forums. Having correctly described titles and correctly spelled words greatly helps the moderators keep track of posts, and makes for easier logging of double/triple made posts that have the same meaning.

Plus it makes it a hell of a lot easier to read when youre going through browing for posts.


It’s not OCD, Title Caps is just house style. You’d also be surprised how many threads there would be simply titled “Help Please?” or “How Does This Look?” if we didn’t keep things a bit more organized.

What Jez said. Simple editing.