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What Does it Mean to Tone?

if a woman 22 years old is 59 kg and her heigh is 1.62 need toning ?

Without getting into how much I hate when people use the term “toning,” I will just say that yes. 99% of the population would look better with more muscle on some part(s) of their body.

That being said, it’s almost entirely subjective. Ask a friend, significant other, or just look in the mirror and find the areas of your body that you would like to get more “toned” and then do exercises for them.

Without getting into an entire toning debate… that would depend on if she is happy with how much fat and muscle she is carrying.

3 sets of 20 reps squat with trx the same reps and sets squat with swiss ball sit ups cris cross 3 sets of 20 reps lunges with dumbells 3 sets of 20 reps walking lunges 3 sets of 20 repetitions lunges with jump . this program do it 3 rounds . is that toned program ? for a woman with pear shape endomorph with fat on inner thights on adductors and on abductors . 59 kg heigh 1 .62 .

Would you prefer sculpting or detail work over toning?

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‘Tone’ by definition is simply residual muscle tension, in practical terms how firm a muscle will feel at rest. It is not really directly related to body fat or muscle mass. The term in common usage is basically meaningless and is generally used by women who want to lift weights a little bit are afraid they will accidentally get “too big”.

I personally would like to see a lower rep range for at least 1 of the exercises you are listing. Probably knocking down squats to 8-12reps and using a bit heavier weight. This will however require you to dial in your squat form (which should be a higher priority than learning what ‘tone’ means).

I realise you are just starting out here and have lots of questions, but you really don’t seem to be asking the ‘right’ questions. Questions that you should be thinking about:

  • Am I eating correctly for my goals (amount and substance)?
  • What pre written program should I go on?
  • How do I progressively get stronger?
  • Is my form on the big compound movements correct?
  • how do I track my progress?

If you get these main questions answered and you implement the answers, with patience, all your other questions will get answered by your own experience.


if you’re actually serious about getting in better shape and changing you body, you should find a good personal trainer and have them write a program for you, or look through the articles on this website and find a program that suits you. I would ditch what you wrote above completely.

There are 2 things you can do to improve your physique. You can add muscle in places you want to add muscle, and you can decrease fat across the body through diet. That’s all you can do. Think in those terms and you will be more successful. Doing crunches will not help you lose belly fat. Doing squats and lunges will not make you lose the fat on your thighs.


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