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What does Gyno look like?

What the hell does gyno look/feel like? Is it hard, or just extra flabby tittie stuff? Can some of you guys break this down for me? THanks.

El dio dos J Bonos

Oh, by the way. I dont think this Arimidex stuff exists. Its tough to nail down.

Gyno is soft tissue directly behind the nipple. Flex your chest and press you finger on your nipple. If you have some, you will feel the soft tissue. I’ve had gyno surgery twice, I’m on expert on it by now. By the way, Arimidex is out there.


but shouldnt you have a bit of padding there just like the rest of you?

Chotto, Im not ripped and never have been, so my titties are a little soft already.

The reason, I am concerned is because I did a very low cycle of Omnadren last year w/o any ancilleries. I only took 50mgs for 6 weeks.

Do you think this could have done any damage? I did not feel any sensitivity while I was on though.

Sometimes that flab behind the nipple is just “regular” fat…gyno won’t go away if you get ripped, normal fat will! That’s when you know you have gyno (unless you have abnormally large & feminine chest tissue).

I feared non-steroidal gyno might be the cause of my chest flab, but it just turned out that my body stores it there first…and it’s also the last to go when I diet down.

I hate that.

BTW, those were some nasty photos of gyno! Ughhh!

littlejay: I have the same thing man…heh Nipples that are a little puffy. Its fucking annoying. Only when im lean as shit do they go away. Could this mean that im gyno prone?

Thanks for the info Merlin,gives me an idea of how much I need to save up.

if you juicing…they say you will start feeling the gyno with some sensitivity in your nipples area. its so sensitive they say…it hurts. Other than that my body stores fat on my chest so i tend to get a little puffy nippled but i doubt its gyno. is there any other signs of gyno when you’re juicing? and if so, what the best thing to take for it from experience.

man now you guys got me gyno paranoid

I noticed my nipples getting puffy, and I was on Clomid at the time. I switched it out for Nolvadex and the nips returned to normal in just a few days.

Btw, did you guys look around on that site Merlin posted the link to? Never seen such a collection of Moobs in my life! Cripe, feel sorry for some of those teenagers, I’ve seen a lot of women with smaller boobs than some of those poor bastards.


How much did gyno surgery cost? and why did you need it twice? Were you on AAS?

I’ve had some since teenage years, somehow it didn’t go away. Hard to notice but I hate it. Might get gyno surgery, but it’s pricey, $2700.

Those pics are enough to keep me away from the juice for sure…DAMN!!

evil & sabro…I think we’re just cursed with God’s cosmic humor! Having fat go to the chest area is nature’s way of telling us we should always remain ripped, lest we grow man boobs, and have to purchase Kramer’s “Manzire” or Mr. Costanza’s “Bro” (Seinfeld show joke).

Personally, I can’t stay lean and sane all year long…yet! I’m hoping after this summer I find a way to bulk without getting too lazy on the diet! I also wonder if taking something like “Biotest M” would help prevent these fat deposits, but I doubt it, as it’s not gyno!


Merlin the pics are dead scary.

I really don’t know how much my gyno surgery cost, I had the first one done when I was about 21 and the second when I was about 23. This was before any AAS. I first noticed it around the age of 13. I had it done twice because the dipshit doctor didn’t do a very good job getting it out the first time. I actually had to argue with him about getting it done the first time. After he was done, he couldn’t believe how much he had taken out. It was always very sensitive before I had it done. Once you have it, the only way to get rid of it is with surgery. Nolvadex will stop it from growing, but won’t do much to decrease the size of it.