What Does Everyone Do for a Living?

I am sure that this has been done before but I am new to the forum I was wondering what everyone else does for a living. My self I am a project manager involved in software implementation for a large bank holding company is Missouri.

Mitch Green

Property Manager for a Commercial Real Estate Firm also a personal trainer


Marine… 0613 / Construction Wireman…AKA : Cable Dog.


Bar owner. That means I really do nothing

I move metal.
Sales Mgr. of a car dealership.

Navy Corpsman,
Preventive Medicine Technician, Currently teaching school here in SD…

Family Physician

ER Charge Nurse. Trauma Nursing Certified. Pretty kewl that everyone here has brains as well as braun!

college student, sometimes writer

What’s up Mitch!

I’m a software developer for a media company. Good to see others in the tech industry.

Technical editor, occasional bodybuilding/fitness writer.

Warehouse operator

EMT-B, Firefighter certified(waiting to get job when I move back to Colorado Springs), Trainer at Gold’s gym, Website and business owner, and Texas guard 13F COLT team chief


M.Sc Candidate in Physiology (Molecular Cardiology). In June I’ll be transfering to my PhD.

Construction Manager

machinist,you draw it,I’ll make it.

Med student by day, pipe layer by night.

Web applications developer, and a full-time student.
Got one more semester to go before I graduate with a bachelors in Comp Sci.

Network Administrator (which means I do EVERYthing that’s computer-related) at a small private school for learning disabled students in Rochester, NY.