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What does everyone do for a job..??

I was just wondering what everyone does for a job, in particular all the regulars… Patricia, Mufassa, El_Machinae, Ike, Poohbaya, Chardawg, Nate_Dogg, Mbe Eric… etc, etc…

I live in England and I’m a Broadband support engineer… Adsl technical support.

I used to do building years ago and quite miss it but the moneys good and at least I don’t have to work in the rain…

Cheers Stubob…

I know of some of the others that you specifically asked about, but I’ll let them speak for themselves. I am an engineer by schooling (BSME, University of Washington, class of '88), a design engineer at the Boeing Company by paycheck, and own a private franchising business. Does that cover it?

CompSci student at Lehigh University

IS/IT/Engr Systems Intern for Black & Decker HQ

Environmental engineer. (NOT a complete tree hugger)

Public Relations. Which entails special events planning, media relations, print design, web site design, writing, editing, volunteer recruitment and management and a host of “other duties as assigned.”

I am a firefighter/paramedic and a full-time father of 5.


I started a thread on this a while ago called “T-occupation”, you can prolly find it through the search engine.

Anyways, I’m a comp sci student (who’ll finally finish the education soon, woohoo!) and I make ad carpets, for sport events, as a spare time job.

I’ll follow Brider’s suit: I’m not a damn thing by schooling (HS drop-out) and a Systems Analyst/DBA for Big Brother by paycheck.

Manage a stock brokerage firm. Been at it for 15 yrs.

Last of the World Famous International Playboys.


Cop/SWAT, father of two (9 and 14) at home and one on the loose (30) and soon to be a grandfather. Have Masters in Economics and got bored with all of that…after the Military and PJ’s thought I wanted something more boring and was totally wrong…just simply an adrenaline junkie

Political Science major now teaching Math, finishing my MBA with Healthcare emphasis, and soon to start up a combined cardiac rehab/weight loss center.

About to graduate with a degree in CS in two weeks. Currently an intern (read: slave) for a utility company’s IT division. Also a Kaplan teacher for the GRE and SAT.

Network Security engineer for the Navy. Installing firewalls and related equipment.

Spent 20 years in the Air Force - Flight Line Mech - then crosstrained into Network Control center ops.

Currently I design Data and Voice networks for Nortel Networks.

Currently a junior at Transylvania University in Lexington, Ky. It’s a small (1100) liberal arts college close to UK. I’m an English major, Religion minor. Two desired fields from this: Law school/politics; or some form of graduate work in biblical studies or theology (a prof. or some form of ministry through this). However, since I’m just now getting to my major work and because of an earlier transfer, I’ll be pushed into a 5th. Thanks for asking.

I’ll be graduating in May making me an ultrasound technologist. After I pass my boards, I’ll be a Registered Medical Sonographer.

I’m an accountant major at the University of South Florida. I know I know…but somebodys got to do it.

casino security in las vegas

Sales rep for a financial planning/insurance company. So far I’m licensed for annuities, and life insurance. Currently studying for the series 7, after that I can sell anything.

However I’ve been thinking about saying fuckit and become a cop.