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What Does Elevated Progesterone Mean in Men?

Most of you know me, I experience low t symptoms with total t of around 500s and free t 9ng/dl, I have subclinical hypothyroidism FT3 around 2.7-2.9 ng/l and increased Reverse T3.

I’m about to seek one more opinion from experienced hormone US doctor and then plan to start TRT.

But as for his blood panel for the first time I tested progesteron and it is elevated:

Progesteron S 0.2 ng/ml 0,05 - 0,15 ECLIA

What does this mean according to you, maybe this increases my level of stress and Reverse T3?

Can this cause side effects with TRT?

Not sure, it is not that high. Progesterone is often used to treat anxiety. Do you have joint pain, weight gain, fatigue, inflammation? What is your E2 level?

Are you talking pregnenlone support?

Its not high, 25 and it is not even sensitive

No, only cabergoline, metformin and 3mcg T3 plus some vitamins and minerals

All the blood work from today:

TSH S 1.75 µIU/ml 0,27 - 4,20 ECLIA
Free Т4 (fT4) S 14.28 ng/l 9,30 - 17 ECLIA
Free T3 (fT3) S 2.96 ng/l 2 - 4,40 ECLIA
ТАТ (Tg Ат) S 10 IU/ml 0 - 115 ECLIA
A-TPO (MAT) S 5 IU/ml 0 - 34 ECLIA
Reverse T3 S pg/ml 90 - 215 RIA
LH S 3.62 IU/L 1,70 - 8,60 ECLIA
FSH S 1.58 IU/L 1,5 - 12,40 ECLIA
Prolactin S 168.9 mIU/L 84,80 - 318 ECLIA
Estradiol S 25.64 ng/L 7,63 - 42,60 ECLIA
Progesteron S 0.2 ng/ml 0,05 - 0,15 ECLIA
Total Testosterone S 19.52 nmol/l 9,90 - 27,80 ECLIA
Free Testosterone Calculated
Albumin S 46.7 g/l 35 - 52 PHOT
SHBG S nmol/l 18,30 - 54,10 ECLIA
17-ОН-Progesterone S ng/ml 0,20 - 2,30 ELISA
DHEA-s S 10.85 µmol/l 4,34 - 12,20 ECLIA
Growth Hormone(STH) S ng/ml 0,03 - 2,47 ECLIA
ACTH EP* 18.15 ng/l 7,20 - 63,30 ECLIA
Cortisol (morning) S 466.2 nmol/l 133 - 537 ECLIA
Insulin (fasting) S 4.62 mU/L Оптимални ст.: < 10.0 ECLIA
IGF I S ng/ml 83 - 246 CLIA
PSA S 0.491 ng/ml 0,010 - 1,400 ECLIA
free-PSA S 0.27 ng/ml ECLIA
ratio FPSA/PSA - * %
Prabability for finding prostate carcinome - * % Calculated according to the TPSA value in interval from 4.00 to 10 ng/ml
Изчислява се при стойности за tPSA в интервал от 4.00 до 10 ng/ml
Total Cholesterol (Chol.) S 4.06 mmol/l 3,5 - 5,20 PHOT
HDL- Cholesterol (HDL-C) S 1.43 mmol/l > 1.5 PHOT
LDL- Cholesterol (LDL-C) S 2.67 mmol/l 0 - 3,35 PHOT
Триглицериди (Tg) S 0.75 mmol/l 0 - 1,70 PHOT
Glucose S 4.89 mmol/l 2,80 - 6,10 HK
Total Protein S 71.8 g/l 64 - 83 PHOT
Bilirubine, Total S 26 µmol/l 0 - 21 PHOT
Bilirubin, direct (конюгиран) S 7.9 µmol/l 0 - 8,5 PHOT
Creatinine S 89 µmol/l 62 - 106 Jaffe
СРК S 177 IU/l 0 - 190 IFCC
Na + S 136 mmol/l 136 - 145 ISE
Cl - S 98 mmol/l 98 - 107 ISE
Calcium S 2.32 mmol/l 2,15 - 2,5 CPC
Magnesium (Mg) S 0.84 mmol/l 0,66 - 1,07 PHOT
Iron S 17.7 µmol/l 7,20 - 27,70
Ferritin S 280.4 µg/L 30 - 400 ECLIA
Zinc in Serum S µmol/L 9 - 18 AAS
Copper, total in serum S µg/L 560 - 1110 PHOT
HbA1с - гликиран хемоглобин EB TINIA
съгласно DCCT - 4.72 % 4,80 - 5,90
съгласно IFCC - 28.09 mmol/mol 29 - 42
eAG (изч. средна глюкоза) 4.91 mmol/l
CRP - количествено измерване S <1 mg/l < 5.0 TURB
hsCRP е важен рисков и прогностичен фактор за сърдечно-съдова болест

< 1 mg/L - нисък сърдечно-съдов риск
1-3 mg/L - умерено повишен риск
3-10 mg/L - висок риск

10 mg/L - вероятна инфекция||
|25-OH-Vitamin D|S||70|ng/ml|40-80|ECLIA|
|1.25(OH)2 Vitamin D3|S|||ng/l|25 - 86,5|CLIA|

No free T or SHBG?

@ncsugrad2002 Some tests are not ready yet I gave blood today. My last SHBG was 48 I expect similar

How high was your TSH before T3 treatment? And who diagnosed you with a subclinical hypothyroidism?
You know that 3ug T3 is a very low dose?

@johann77 Yes I know but I got hyper symptoms with 6, I suspect adrenal issues.

TSH was the same, T3 was 2.7 and Reverse T3 was clearly elevated. That’s why Defy said I have hypothyroidism issues and advised to start small dosages of T3. I managed to get to 12 even - sever hyper symptoms, then decreased to 6 - initially was ok but then I got hyper symptoms again and I decreased to 3. On 3 I feel like before I started T3

There is not really any scientific work that would support a diagnosis of hypothyroidism on the basis of rT3. TSH is fine, anti Thyroid antibodies are fine. Did you get a thyroid ultrasound scan?
If you feel hyperthyroid already on 6 ug but dont feel any difference on 3 ug, than I would conclude that you dont need it actually.

Do you take the cabergoline for increased prolactin due to a prolactinoma?

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Bro, if you think TSH is the main thing defining if your thyroid is fine you are in a grave mistake. This is the error most endos do. And by the way it is not fine the optimal values are around 1. Also for t3 the optimal values for most people are above 3.5. This combined with my symptoms means my thyroid needs optimization.

But the reason I started the topic was the progesteron. Do you have any idea about it?

In the absence of symptoms, I’d call it an incidental finding.

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@highpull What could be the symptoms for progesterone above range and can it point to some adrenal disease?

Very little information about progesterone in men like we don’t have this hormone. I understood some AAS increase it, pity I never used any…

I dont want to start a long discussion about this. But I am just saying that scientifically there is no piece of evidence that rT3 can be used diagnostically for thyroid disorders. But there is evidence that treatment with thyroid hormones if TSH <4 (or actualy 5) does not improve quality of life.

But perfectly fine if you feel the need to optimize your thyroid.

Regarding progesterone: Treatment with progesterone has been shown to impact thyroid hormones, so there seems to be an connection between the two. Did you have your progesterone levels checked before T3 treatment?

T3 increases progesterone release from leydig cells. Stop the T3 and your progesteron will go down, its unnecessary anyway in your situation from a scientific standpoint.


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Progesterone is an estrogen antagonist. Your symptoms may be related to this dynamic. And as mentioned in one of your other posts. Sodium is low.

This is a good point. I will not stop T3 for now before discussing it with the doctor, I hope to be able to replace it with NDT long term but looks the cortisol inbalance is creating me issues with T3

Joint pain, weight gain, fatigue, inflammation, anxiety, decreased libido are some.

It can, this does not appear to be the case in your situation.

@highpull Excluding joint pain and weight gain I have all the others