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What Does Clean Eating Mean?

I might think I know the answer but…

What does the phrase “eating clean” mean.

Is it just simple non processed food, or sticking to your plan or ?

It probably means different things to everyone but to me it’s eating food that is as close to a natural state as possible that will help me achieve my goals. When I say I eat clean I mean 90% of all my food is either fresh or fresh frozen(meats).


In a nutshell it means eating a diet composed of nutritious healthy foods.

Such as complex carbs, sugars are bad, lean meats like chicken, turkey, and lean beef. Good fats like Poly’s and Mono’s. And DARK veggies like spinach, broccoli, green beans, etc.

^ nuff said

It means : eat only what you NEED to eat

It’s when you do light power cleans and over shoot a little at the top and hit your self in the teeth/mouth.


eating clean can have several implications… eating clean for me is first off getting about 250-350 more calories than I need to be getting everyday. You can eat well but if you’re getting too many calories then you’ll end up putting on fat. Second it implies that I am eating properly. Get carbs from veggies, get protein from lean meats, eat good fats, etc. Third it implies I’m going to become a sexy bitch with proper training.