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What does Bin Laden Really Want

By all the discussion on this forum about
this topic, I will assume there is still
interest. The link below is an informative
article about Bin Laden’s views and goals.
http://www.americanfreepress.net/10_12_01/What_Does_Bin_Laden_Really _Wan/what_does_bin_laden_really_wan.html

I have make a couple of quick comments on this article: The article quotes Bin Laden as saying "We are against the American system but not the American people. Islam does not allow killing of innocent people, men, women and children even in the event of war," Funny how Bin Laden and Bush both make this claim, yet both end up masterminding schemes that kill lots of civilians, but few perps. Typical of so-called "political leaders." Yes, Bin Laden is a murderous loon. But not all of his grievances are without merit. Before you flame me, read the article, and think.

the man is full of contradictions. he complains the US of murdering the people and children in Muslim nations, but the Taliban people he supports is doing the same to their own people as well. If the US gives Bin Laden and the Taliban what they want, they are still going to act barbaric towards their own people.

Close, but not quite. The increasingly violent and growing fundamentalist Islamic factions are fueled by the oppressive regimes in the Arab world, to include the ones we support. I think it is a travesty that we do support the Saudi goverment and say nothing of their practices. But there is nothing we do or did that warrants the annihilation of Isreal, or our expulsion from the Middle East. There is nothing that we have done to warrant Sept 11th. Also, Al-Queda is absolutely at least complicit in the attacks, there is no way to deny it. Their assasination of the Northern Alliance’s charismatic leader the day prior tell you they new war was heading their way soon. Bin Laden is power hungry, that is quite apparent, he would love to return to Saudi and control it as the Arab/Al-Queda control Afghanistan. Benzair Bhutto had some very enlightened comments the other day in an interview, she said if the Arab/Islamic world did not open their goverments and societies that these will be ripe for the inciteful hatred of fundamentalist Islamic factions. That is the problem with the Middle East, not the US, and our complicity is not as damning as the article would like us to think. Finally, that the supreme leader of Iran condemns our actions should be considered a compliment, as he has repressed his people terribly, even now as the growing sentiment in Iran (without any US coersion) is for a more free and open society.

i’d give bin laden more credence if the taliban wasn’t so oppressive to its own people, however it pisses me off that we have a habit of supporting the same damn people we we end up fighting …we the taxpayers support bin laden in the 80s, and now our tax money is used to fight him, billions of our taxpayer money went to help hussein fight iran for 9 years in the iran-iraq war, then billions of dollars is used to fight him in the gulf war…billions of dollars used to support ho chi minh fighting the japanese (he was actually with cia at one point) then a kazillion dollars used to fight him in the vietnam war, not to mention the amount of lives lost, wtf?? sometimes the cure is worse then the symptoms, and we the taxpayers always foot the fuckiong bill!!!

That’s almost good enough for me to forget that Bin Laden, in what was the year, '96? When he stated all Americans are targets. Regardless of if they are woman, child or elderly.

Exactly jake! Sorry, but Bin laden has issued written and taped oral orders to kill american civilians where ever you may find them. So his quote about civilians is a lie. Laden is Hitler with a full beard. He believes in bringing back the great Islamic empire. Sort of like Hitler’s new Rome mentality.