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what does Alessi mean in Meltdown II

What does Alessi mean when he says to rack the weights of the power clean and snatch between sets. Stick it back up in the squat rack from chest level, then after fifteen seconds take it off the rack back to the floor and then start the next single? Sounds pretty exhausting consdiering that near maximal weights will be used. Can anyone give me any clarification on this? I’d appreciate any feedback.
Bruno N.

Bruno - If Alessi wants you to do 5 sets of 3 reps, here is how it should look.

Rep 1 - rest 15 sec - Rep 2 - rest 15 sec - Rep 3 - end of set, rest 240 sec or whatever the prescribed rest period is.

If you rack a weight in between reps, you lose any stretch shortening effect, which makes the next rep harder. For instance, if doing a power clean, it is harder to pull when the bar starts on the ground as compared to if you lower the bar to the ground, tap the ground and immediately pull back up (you still have elastic energy stored in tendons). Alessi just wants to make sure you do the most amount possible. Also, at the high loads he prescribes, most people would not be able to do 3 reps right in a row if they are using the correct weight, so the rest period once again allows you to do a higher volume of work.