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What does a T-Man do?

When a lifetime natural lifter is in the gym squatting 600 or something, what does a T-man do when there are other guys saying things like ‘I bet he juices’ & stuff like that? Would a T Man even care or what?

They’re jerks, morons & losers - why would you even give them the time of day not alone seriously listen to their mindless childish dribble?

Just say “That would be convenient, wouldn’t it?” Then brush it off.

say “thank you”

With morons like that it probably would not matter what you did. And to tell you the truth i would take it as a complement, because they are jealous and will never be able to lift an amount close to that.

Natural - no way, he must be juicing! Nah, just kidding. Don’t bother. Depending on the gym, guys will say you’re on steroids even if you only squat 225. And it’s not worth trying to convince anyone, since most of these guys believe what they want to anyway. But hey, it can have it’s good sides too. Just spread the rumor that you tend to get this really bad 'roid rage (as everybody knows people using steroids get that all the time) and you will have all peace you want during workouts :slight_smile:

I don’t talk in the gym beyond, “when you are done curling, let me know, I need to squat today”