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What does a hernia feel like?

Is it anything like a burning sensation right below the right side of my abs, that hit me on rep #4 of a heavy set of Romanian Deadlifts? Fairly slight (not really painful) but noticable enough to terminate the set. I still feel the burning sensation slightly, but it doesn’t impair movement or anything. Is this what a hernia feels like? If so, fuck.

Question 2: The above scene occured earlier today on what happened to be the last day of a MAG-10 cycle. If I have in fact been cursed with a hernia, it looks like I'll have to be taking some time off from the gym. Is there anything I can do to retain my gains from the cycle in the absence of training? Thanks guys.

Your description is consistent with a hernia. It could also be that you have pulled a muscle slightly. In the list of didfferentials it is also possible you have pinched a nerve. Have your doctor check you for a hernia.

If it’s a hernia you should be able to see and feel a lump sticking out in your lower abdominal wall. There’s no need to stop training unless its really, really bothering you. Most people tolerate hernias for a long time before they become problematic enough to require surgery.

Sometimes the tear in the abdominal wall is very small and its hard to feel the lump in realxed position. I went to a Surgeon and he had me do like a half situp and then checked with his fingers for any lumps. Your upper body should make a 45 degree angle with the plane and have someone firmly feel the location.

Not true. Hernias can be very difficult to find–even by an experienced physician and deep probing under strain (by the patient, that is).

Good point! Hernias are hard to find. Especially if the patient has extra adipose tissue. A hernia usually doesn’t feel like a burn. It’s more discomfort or an ache. It could be a weakness in the abdomianl wall that hasn’t actually “split” the tissue.
Drax-o be more specific as where the pain is.
Usually with a hernia you can pinpoint the exact spot. If there is an increase in abdomianl pressure, it may cause discomfort as the abdomianl musculature and intestines are pushed forward. Lifting, coughing, straining with a bowel movement, even hard laughing may cause the pain. How far forward were you going down in the RDL’s. Also might have to rule out appendicitis. Just a thought. I could be wrong.